Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Hamid Al-bayati of Iraq

Al-Bayati took part to listen to the briefing by H.
to Washington in August 2002 to meet with US.
conference held in London in December 2002.
an International Tribunal to judge Saddam and his cronies.
Hamid al-Bayati was interviewed by Mahan Abedin at the SCIRI office in West Kensington, London on May 7, 2003.
Al-Bayati is a lecturer and participant in conferences and regional summits.
Furthermore, Ambassador Al-Bayati is one of the Vice-Presidents of the General Assembly for its Sixty Second Session.
Furthermore, Ambassador Al-Bayati was also part of the six-member delegation for the Iraqi opposition which was invited to Washington in August 2002 to meet with US.
Ambassador Al-Bayati was elected to become a member of the six-member Preparatory Committee conference held in London in December 2002.
Dr al-Bayati is also Iraq's Deputy Foreign Minister, and he spoke at his home in Baghdad to our Foreign Affairs Editor Peter Cave.
Hamid Al-Bayati was appointed Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations in April 2006.
Al-Bayati was also a member of the supervising committee that overlooked the work of the INDICT, an organization that gathered documents and evidence of crimes committed by Saddam against the people of Iraq which requested for an International Tribunal to judge Saddam and his cronies.
Al-Bayati was put to jail and was tortured at the General Security Directorate and at the Military Inteligence Department.
UNITED NATIONS, Jan 14 (UPI) -- The United Nations welcomed an Iraqi decision to ratify a treaty banning chemical weapons as a sign of Baghdad's commitment to non-proliferation.
Al-Bayati said that coalition troops are currently needed to maintain peace, but he predicted that the Iraqi Security Forces will be able to assume this role by the end of the year, allowing the coalition troops to leave.
Al-Bayati said the United States, Iraq and all countries in the world face a grave danger from terrorist groups such as al-Qaida.
Al-Bayati was skeptical about the use of fixed timelines for the withdrawal of United States forces from Iraq.
As for the secret beyond the Iraqi Ambassador to attend such a festival known of its national, anti-occupation Iraq positions, our correspondent quoted from staff at Iraq mission in New York, that Al-Bayati said he had been forced to stay until the end of the festival and not leaving alone for fear of angry public reaction, and so preferred to leave with the crowd.
Hamid Al-Bayati was appointed Iraq’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in April 2006.
From the information at our disposal, they were kidnapped by criminal organisations that could have sold them to members of al-Zarqawi's group," al-Bayati said in a local television interview on Friday, according to state news agency ANSA.
al-Bayati says many Iraqis wonder why the United States waited so long to act against Mr.
al-Bayati is the former London representative of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, and he is a senior aide to the Shi group leader, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, who sits on the interim Iraqi Governing Council.
Al-Bayati took a different approach to the idea of sovereignty, saying Saddam violated Iraqi human rights and stole the nations oil.
Al-Bayati said the opposition groups requested US.
Al-Bayati said Iraq had come a long way from what he described as the brutal dictatorship of deposed leader Saddam Hussein.
On South Africans doing security work in Iraq, Al-Bayati said the country needed foreign security companies to deal with ongoing violence and terrorist attacks.
Hamid al-Bayati said that the latter entrusted him with joining the delegation to Turkey.