Minister of Water Resources Latif Rashid of Iraq

As Minister for Water Resources, Dr Rashid is responsible for a range of issues, including irrigation, municipal and industrial water supply, hydropower, flood control, and environmental requirements including marsh restoration.
Dr Rashid is a Kurd, born in 1944 in Sulaymaniyah, and is an active member of the PUK under the leadership of Mr Jalal Talabani.
Dr Rashid is a chartered engineer, a member of the Institution of Civil Engineering and the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID.
In 1992 Dr Rashid was elected Vice President and Executive Member of the Iraqi National Congress (INC), and in 1998 he was elected to the six-member leadership of the INC.
Apart from technical qualifications and engagements Dr Rashid has taken an active part in both Kurdish and Iraqi politics.
Dr Rashid has also represented Kurdish politics and Iraqi opposition groups to Saddam in official meetings with various international institutions and governments.
luggage, to deal with that matter too.
offer was made to him have denied Rashid's statement.
Dr Rashid was formerly a spokesperson for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in the United Kingdom.
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According to Rashid Latif, on the day of the match when Rashid took a catch of the opener Bryan Young off Waqar Younis, Malik reprimanded him and reiterated that 'we have to lose the match.
Rashid says he knows so, as he helped arrange the seats and, when Malik lost his luggage, to deal with that matter too.
Rashid has spoken a bit about our capabilities, but often, it is misunderstood outside Iraq that the Iraqi opposition, Iraqi National Congress is, in fact, the strongest opposition in the region, in the Arab world.
Rashid had given evidence to the initial PCB-commissioned inquiry that recommended a life ban for Malik.
Rashid had quit in protest on Wednesday after Malik claimed that he had been appointed head coach of the NCA.
The 40-year-old Rashid had said that he was “shocked” to learn that Malik had been linked to such a key post at the academy.
Iraq's Water Resources Minister Latif Rashid said Monday that "We are proposing establishment of a high committee to be co-chaired by al-Maliki and Erdogan.
Rashid said Iraq attached great importance to experiences of Turkish businessmen.
Touching on Turkish contracting services in Iraq, Rashid said Iraqi government encouraged Turkish contractors to take part in projects.
Rashid said most inhabitants of Iraq's large cities had access to running water, although not in sufficient quantities.
Rashid is pictured above during the 2nd Test against England at Old Trafford, Manchester in May 2001.
ANKARA - Iraq`s Water Resources Minister Latif Rashid said Monday Turkey provided adequate water to Iraq in the recent past.
Rashid was later received by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Rashid said he held talks with FAO officials and urged them to allow “state-run firms” to do the job instead of foreign contractors.
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