Minister of State for National Security Shirwan Al-waili of Iraq

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HE Al-Waili is the president of Huda Charitable Foundation for Humanitarian action.
HE Al-Waili is an electrical engineer from 1978-1979.
Al-Waili is also expected to visit the hospitals that hosted the wounded of yesterday's blast that occurred in Kufa city, 10 km east of Najaf.
Al-Waili is expected to give a news conference after meeting Ayatollah al-Sistani.
ultimately lead to the capture of the group's other leaders.
The forthcoming Iraq Defence, Security Communications Summit received a further boost this week with the news that Iraqi Minister of National Security Affairs His Excellency Shirwan Al-Waili has formally confirmed in writing that he will lead a senior delegation of Deputies and Director Generals at the event.
Al-Waili said that there were effectively three separate investigations: an Iraqi one, an American one, and a joint effort that had gotten nowhere.
Iraqi National Security Minister Shirwan al-Waili described the delegation as including "ministers, senior officials and heads of security institutions," al-Sharqiya TV reported.
Al-Waili is also expected to hold talks with his Turkish and US.