Governor, Central Bank of Iraq Sinan Al-shabibi of Iraq

Al-Shabibi was named Iraq's first Central Bank Governor since the ousting of Saddam Hussein's government five months ago by the US.
Iraq's core rate of inflation has been driven down by monetary policy and the central bank is ready to take further action if needed, Iraq Central Bank governor Sinan Al-Shabibi said on Saturday.
Al-Shabibi has traveled from Geneva, Switzerland to testify, which puts him right up there with Butler for having made the long- distance effort to be here.
DEAD SEA, May 21: Iraq’s inflation rate may fall to 20 percent this year if sabotage attacks that deepened shortages in the economy ease, Central Bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi said on Saturday.
Senior IMF officials in charge of Middle East affairs held talks here Wednesday with Allawi, a day before the Iraqi finance minister and central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi met with Snow at the ornate US Treasury building.
His Excellency met with Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi on Sunday evening 9-11-2008 official in his office in Baghdad's central bank governor Sinan Al-Shabibi was in the meeting examined the financial and banking situation in the country and broad prospects for their development so as to contribute to the well-being and recovery of the purchasing power of people and supports the position Iraq's international.
Al-Shabibi said that the current year witnessed relatively stable inflation of between 40 and 45%, pointing to the bank's success in increasing hard currency reserves to $21 billion.
Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi said on Thursday the country was making solid progress in reforming its financial sector despite the ongoing violence and had enough reserves to defend the currency.
And despite the ongoing war, al-Shabibi has held the Iraqi currency, the dinar, firm at about 1,450 to the US.
Al-Shabibi is sober, measured, trustworthy-looking.