Minister for Arts, Sport, and Tourism Martin Cullen of Ireland

Cullen was previously a member of Seanad Éireann (1989–1992) and has also served as Minister for the Environment, Heritage Local Government (2002–2004), Minister for Transport (2004–2007) and Minister for Social Family Affairs (2007–2008.
Of all the current cabinet ministers, Martin Cullen has consistently attracted most criticism in opinion polls and in the Irish media for under-performance.
Cullen was one of 14 Progressive Democrat TDs elected to Dáil Éireann in the 1987 general election, the first election after the party was founded.
In 1997 a Fianna Fáil–Progressive Democrats coalition government came to power and Cullen was appointed Minister of State at the Department of Finance.
The re-election of the government in 2002 saw Cullen join the Cabinet as Minister for the Environment, Heritage Local Government.
In a cabinet reshuffle in 2004 Cullen was appointed Minister for Transport.
On 7 May 2008, when Brian Cowen became Taoiseach, Cullen was appointed as Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism.
Waterford’s cause reiterated as Cullen accepts accolade.
Leader of the Seanad Mick Lanigan (FF) (1989–90)• Sean Fallon (FF) (1990–92)• G.
Then minister for transport Martin Cullen said the investment reflected the belief that the airports had a key role in facilitating balanced regional development.
So Martin Cullen is off to represent the nation at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing.
Marty Cullen is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists with an extensive background in anti-money laundering,financial crime investigations, market data, mortgage fraud and investment banking research management.
Cullen is uniquely qualified in managing enhanced due diligence, surveillance and USA Patriot Act CIP.
Martin Cullen was also on a trade trip to Singapore and Thailand with a small group of officials, the main purpose of which was to seek increased air traffic between this country and those two destinations.
Martin Cullen is a politician and Ireland on Sunday is perfectly entitled to comment on his performance.
Cullen is concerned and one can only wonder why, who is behind it and who gains by it all.
Martin Cullen was accompanied by his ambitious civil servant lover, Stephanie OHora.
Martin Cullen was accompanied by two of his Waterford cronies, businessman Nicky Fewer and hospital consultant, Dr.
Cullen had ignored their presence while he was visiting the same city.
Tom Cullen was a docker, a Sinn Feiner and Waterford city councillor in the early decades of the last century.
Martin Cullen was his election agent.
When Cullen was mayor of Waterford in 1952-53, the year before Martin Jr was born, the local soccer team won their first national trophy.
Cullen met Smith and was flat-mates with the then finance ministers son.
Martin J Cullen is a graduate of Law and Political Philosophy he is now a sculptor and fine artist.
Martin Cullen is essentially a non conformist in his approach to the arts - he believes fervently in the philosophy of pushing boundaries in all facets of life.
With an ear to the ground, and a finger in the air to see which way the lobbying wind is blowing, the cynical Cullen has opted to side with those who are willing to put profits before health.
BUNGLING Sports Minister Martin Cullen has snubbed Ireland's boxing heroes by flying home last night BEFORE Ken Egan went into battle this morning.
Cullen was found dead on Windsor Road about 90 minutes after a taxi driver had taken him to a specific location in Cay Bay.
Minister Martin Cullen has just announced investments of 86m for the six regional airports under Transport 21.
Minister for Social and Family Affairs, Martin Cullen has announced details of the 8th annual Christmas bonus double-payment that will directly benefit 1.
However, Mr Cullen is very concerned about the problem of debt in some low-income families, and has urged people experiencing problems to contact MABS (the Money Advice and Budgeting Service) for advice at either their local office (051-857929 / email: waterford@mabs.
The Fine Gael Spokesman on the Environment, Bernard Allen, claimed Minister Cullen had tampered with the very essence of democracy and had wasted taxpayers' money.
For weeks now Cullen has said that when machines were used during the Nice Referendum there were no complaints or issues arising.
There must be a motive, a reason why Cullen is being so arrogant.
Martin Cullen has made me unspeakably angry about the way that Ireland looks at its own domestic league.
Minister for Arts Martin Cullen has appointed independent theatre and film producer Pat Moylan as the new chairwoman of the Arts Council.
The Minister for Tourism Martin Cullen said it was important to invest in the attractions so they can bring in visitors when the economy recovers.
DUBLIN -- Environment Minister Martin Cullen has joined a growing revolt within Fianna Fail against the extension of the ban on smoking in public places to pubs, hotels and guesthouses that is due to be introduced Jan 1.
Cullen is the first senior member of the Irish government to come out unequivocally against an all-out ban.
Admitting he has a "pathetic addiction", Cullen said he agreed with Martin's campaign against smoking but was seeking compromise on the blanket ban.
As a sailor himself, minister Cullen knows how the open sea can be a dangerous place, especially to the unprepared or inexperienced.
Minister for Arts, Sport Tourism Martin Cullen has admitted the payment of next year's GAA players' grants is under threat.
Mr Cullen was responding to a question from Fine Gael TD and Mayo manager John O'Mahony, who said the principle of player grants should be maintained whatever the budgetary constraints.
Martin Cullen turned up in the national media for the first time in the campaign today, opening a couple of road projects in Westmeath.
Now Minister Cullen has again subverted the independence of the Aviation Regulator's office by instructing him to set charges which prioritise the profitability of Dublin Airport over the needs of the travelling public.
In effect, Minister Cullen has now ordered the Aviation Regulator to double passenger charges at Dublin Airport.
Cullen was previously a member of Seanad Éireann (1989-1992) and has also served as Minister for the Environment, Heritage & Local Government (2002-2004) and Minister for Transport (2004-2007.
Martin Cullen was born in Waterford in 1954.