Deputy Prime Minister Mary Coughlan of Ireland

Coughlan was born in Donegal Town in the south of County Donegal in 1965.
Mary Coughlan is married to David Charlton.
They were married when Coughlan was aged 26, two years after they met – David was working as a Garda on duty at Leinster House at the time.
Coughlan is a fluent Irish speaker.
Coming from a political family, Coughlan was always interested in politics, and joined a Cumann at the age of 16.
Coughlan was first elected to Dáil Éireann as a Fianna Fáil TD in the 1987 general election for the Donegal South West constituency.
At the age of 21 years and 9 months Coughlan was the youngest member of the 25th Dáil.
Coughlan is not the only member of her family to become politically active.
Coughlan remained on the backbenches of the Dáil for the first thirteen years of her career as a TD, before being appointed a Junior Minister.
Coughlan was also a member of the British-Irish Parliamentary Body.
In February 2001 Coughlan received her first ministerial position, that of Minister of State (Junior Minister) at the Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht the Islands.
After the 2002 general election Coughlan was promoted to the cabinet as Minister for Social Family Affairs.
During her time in this Department, Coughlan received widespread criticism for changes she made regarding the availability of rent supplement.
Coughlan was re-appointed to the portfolio on 14 June 2007 following the 2007 general election, with the additional responsibility of fisheries as Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries Food.
Shortly after her re-appointment Coughlan had to put in place measures to deal with the threat of the potential spread of foot and mouth disease from Britain – in early August 2007.
Throughout her time in this Ministry, Coughlan was involved in ongoing WTO trade talks.
Coughlan has been condemned for doing "too little too late" in relation to large scale loss of employment in a Dell facility.
As a proponent of the Treaty of Lisbon, Coughlan was noted to have "quietly withdrawn" from the referendum campaign after she embarrassed the Government in a radio interview by not knowing the number of European Commissioners.
Coughlan was born in County Galway, Ireland (her father was a soldier from County Donegal.
After receiving treatment for her personal problems, it seemed as though Coughlan had landed on her two feet once again.
In June 2000, Coughlan took another turn in her career when she presented a series of elaborate multimedia shows in Dublin and in London celebrating Billie Holiday, a singer whose life story had parallels to Coughlan's own.
After her success in the mid-1980s with Tired and Emotional, Coughlan was dealing with serious miss-management in relation to her career.
Mary Coughlan is third off Celeb Farm.
Mary Coughlan has got the kind of voice that reaches deep into one's inner recesses, that's simultaneously pained and powerful and warm.
MARY COUGHLAN has lived more than a bit: she favours songs of experience rather than innocence.
Irish torch singer Mary Coughlan was born in Galway in 1956.
drugs and alcohol as well as a stay in a mental hospital, she relocated to London at the age of 19, living in a hippie squat.
Ms Coughlan said the Government is to set up a taskforce for the region.
Coughlan was educated at the Ursuline Convent, Sligo and University College, Dublin (B.
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Madame Coughlan knows the intimate details of all the visitors to The House of Ill Repute.
Tánaiste and Enterprise Minister Mary Coughlan is currently out of the country.
Tánaiste Mary Coughlan said she “regretted” any upset which had been caused to the elderly because of a revision of this scheme.
Mary Coughlan has indicated that if GPs were prepared to take less money, the Government could readdress the abolition of universal medical cards for the over 70s.
TÁNAISTE MARY Coughlan has said there have been no discussions or proposals on the reduction of the minimum wage during the current social partnership negotiations.
TÁNAISTE MARY Coughlan has warned against using the policies of the 1980s to deal with the economic downturn.
Tánaiste and Employment Minister Mary Coughlan has inherited this burden and it is one she would be wise to address in the Dáil as soon as possible.
The stub reads: Donegal TD Mary Coughlan has been named Tánaiste by Brian Cowen this evening, she will take over the role from Mary Harney.
Mary Coughlan was born in Galway on May 5th 1956.
By 19, Coughlan was a bride and mother.
Donegal TD Mary Coughlan has been named Tánaiste by Brian Cowen this evening.
In 1987,Ms Coughlan was the youngest TD in the history of the State to be elected to the Dáil.
However it isin her role as the State's first female Minister for Agriculture that Ms Coughlan has been considered most impressive.
One of the party's strongest vote getters, Ms Coughlan is a close associate of Brian Cowen who seconded his nomination for leadership.
SINGER Mary Coughlan is to share some of her troubled personal life with delegates at a major drugs conference in Killarney this week.
Mary Coughlan was born in Galway in 1956 as the oldest of five.
In 1984, Mary Coughlan is back in her hometown of Galway.
Mary Coughlan has never really stopped singing even in her darkest hours.
So should there be a trace of the the Irish housewife cliché involved here? The always singing woman surrounded by kids, a tune on her lips no matter how deep the clouds of personal unhappiness? Mary Coughlan is very Irish for sure, but things seem to be a bit different in this case.
Irish torch singer Mary Coughlan was born in Galway in 1956; after enduring a painful adolescence that included bouts with drugs and alcohol as well as a stay in a mental hospital, she relocated to London at the age of 19, living in a hippie squat.