Ambassador to the US Michael Collins of Ireland

Collins is often credited with organising the IRA's guerrilla "flying columns" during the War of Independence, although to suggest Collins organised this single handedly would be false.
Collins took up separate quarters at 15 Cadogan Gardens.
Collins knew that the treaty, and in particular the issue of partition, would not be well received in Ireland.
In the process Cathal Brugha remarked that Collins was not a senior military man and yet the newspapers were describing him as "the man who won the war.
The reality was, however, that Collins was the man most responsible for the IRA's war effort during the Anglo-Irish war.
First, Éamon de Valera, President of the Irish Republic until 9 January, had been unhappy that Collins had signed any deal without his and his cabinet's authorisation.
According to the republican view, Collins met Fitzalan to accept the surrender of Dublin Castle, the seat of British government in Ireland.
In his biography of Michael Collins, Tim Pat Coogan recounted that, when Lord Lieutenant FitzAlan remarked that Collins had arrived seven minutes late for the 16 January 1922 ceremony, Collins replied, "We've been waiting over seven hundred years, you can have the extra seven minutes.
One of the main reasons for this was that Collins was secretly planning to launch a clandestine guerrilla war against the Northern State.
Collins was therefore unable to reconcile the anti-Treaty side, whose Army Executive had anyway decided in March 1922 that it had never been subordinate to the Dáil.
Joe Dolan — a member of Collins' "Squad" or assassination unit in the War of Independence and in 1922 a captain in the National Army — said this in the 1950s, along with the statement that Collins had ordered him to try to rescue the two gunmen before they were executed.
Collins was killed in the subsequent gun battle, which lasted approximately 20 minutes, from 8:00pm to 8:20pm.
Collins was 31 years old when he died.
At the time of his death, Collins was engaged to Kitty Kiernan.
Some Republicans maintain that Collins was killed by a British 'plant.
However, historian Meda Ryan, who researched the incident exhaustively, concluded that there was no real basis for such theories, 'Michael Collins was shot by a Republican, who said , "I dropped one man"' Liam Deasy, who was in command of the ambush party, said, 'we all knew it was Sonny Neill's bullet.
Collins was a long-time Trustee of the National Geographic Society and presently serves as Trustee Emeritus.
In the 1996 TV movie Apollo 11, Collins was played by Jim Metzler.
Unlike many of his fellow Apollo astronauts, Collins is not divorced, still married to Pat.
Collins is one of the astronauts featured in the documentary In the Shadow of the Moon.
On 16 October 1890 Michael Collins was born near Sam's Cross, a tiny hamlet in West Cork, named after Sam Wallace, a local highwayman.
Michael's father, Michael John Collins was sixty years old when he married a local girl, Marianne O'Brien.
By 1920, Michael Collins was wanted by the British and had a price of #10,000 stg.
Michael Collins had been made President of the IRB Supreme Council.
Michael Collins knew that a Republic that included Ulster was not possible under the present conditions, but he hoped for a boundary commission that would redraw the border to include much of Catholic Fermanagh and Tyrone in the newly created Free State.
Michael Collins knew it would be received badly in Dublin, but he decided that a step toward Irish independence was preferable to an all-out war that would ensure more bloodshed.
Michael Collins was elected Chairman.
The eventual treaty was seen by many as a weak compromise, and Collins was branded a traitor to the Irish cause.
Michael Collins was one such person.
Michael Collins was born on October 16, 1890 to Michael John Collins and Marianne (O'Brian) Collins.
Michael Collins was sent to Frongoch Interment Camp in Merionethshire, North Wales, after the surrender of the Volunteers.
Collins was fond of all sports, especially wrestling.
Michael Collins was released from Frongoch Interment Camp in Wales in December of 1916.
At the end of the meeting, the members of the first Irish Cabinet were Griffith in charge of Home Affairs, Cathel Brugha for Defense, Michael Collins was in charge of Finance, W.
In addition to being appointed as Minister of Finance, Collins was also appointed as Director of Intelligence in the Ministry of Defense.
Collins had been trying to reorganize the I.
Collins was determined to "put out the eyes of the British.
Having read the files, Collins knew the most dangerous British spies in Ireland, and had them killed.
Collins had the British Intelligence world paralyzed.
Collins was able to do this through a highly trained squad of men.
By now, Collins was fed up and decided to act.
Collins has done in most of the secret service people.
Collins had once again terrified the British Intelligence squad into paralysis.
Collins was crushed by the deaths of his friends.
Collins had summed up by declaring that the Treaty 'would bring freedom; not the ultimate freedom that all Nations desire and develop to, but freedom to achieve freedom.
Collins found himself facing his friends, now having to view them as enemies.
Michael Collins was thirty-two years old.
Collins had fought and died for a country that had claimed all her heroes at an early age and Collins was no exception.
Michael Collins lived and died for his country.
Collins had several narrow escapes but was never captured.
Collins was killed by republican anti-treaty forces in Co.
Michael Collins was born near Clonakilty, County Cork, on Oct 16, 1890.
For 10 years Collins lived in London, where he became active in various Irish organizations, the most important of which was the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), a secret society dedicated to the overthrow of British rule in Ireland.
Ryan, Meda, The day Michael Collins was shot, Swords, Co.
Reluctantly joining the Irish delegation in the Treaty negotiations, Collins supported the resulting settlement.
Born in Sam's Cross, West Cork, Ireland, Collins was the third son and youngest of eight children.
The elder Collins was sixty years old when he married Marianne O'Brien, then twenty-three.
Collins was a bright and precocious child, with a fiery temper and a passionate feeling of nationalism.
Collins was tall and strapping, and loved sports.
In February 1906, Collins took the British Civil Service examination in which (to pass it) he praised the "greatest empire"; he was employed by the Post Office from July 1906.
By the time of the general release, Collins had already become one of the leading figures in the post-rising Sinn Féin, a small nationalist party which the British government and the Irish media wrongly blamed for the Rising.
By October 1917, through skill and ability, Collins had risen to become a member of the executive of Sinn Féin and director of organisation of the Irish Volunteers; Éamon de Valera was president of both organisations.
Like all senior Sinn Féin members, Michael Collins was nominated in the 1918 general election to elect Irish MPs to the British House of Commons in London.
In 1919, Collins had a number of roles.
In 1919, the already busy Collins received yet another responsibility when de Valera appointed him to the Aireacht (ministry) as Minister for Finance.
youngest of eight children, six of who emigrate.
Collins is made commander of the new force.
killings committed by the Irish forces.
drafting of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which is signed on 6 December.
Collins is killed by a ricochet bullet.
Michael Collins was born in Rome, Italy on October 31, 1930.
His father, United States Army Major General James Lawton Collins, served in the army for 38 years, and during the 17 years in which Michael Collins lived at home, he would call Rome, Oklahoma, Governors Island, Puerto Rico (their house was reputed to be the second oldest in the Western Hemisphere) and Alexandria, Virginia home.
During a NATO exercise in the summer of 1956, Collins was forced to eject from an F-86 after a fire started aft of the cockpit.
Collins met Patricia Finnegan, his future wife, in an officers' mess.
Collins was nominally Episcopalian, while Finnegan came from a staunchly Roman Catholic family.
After seeking permission to marry from Finnegan's father, and delaying their wedding when Collins was redeployed to West Germany during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, they married in the summer of 1957.
After Collins was reassigned back to the United States, he attended an aircraft maintenance officer course at Chanute Air Force Base.
Following months of intensive training, Collins was one of the few chosen for fighter ops.
In late June 1965, Collins received his first crew assignment, the backup pilot for Gemini 7.
After the successful completion of 7, Collins was assigned to the prime crew of Gemini 10 with John Young, with White moving onto Project Apollo.
For the three day flight, Collins received $24.
Shortly after Gemini 10, Collins was assigned to the backup crew for the second manned Apollo flight, with commander Frank Borman, command module pilot (CMP) Thomas Stafford and Collins as lunar module pilot (LMP.
Along with learning the new Apollo Command/Service Module (CSM) and the Apollo Lunar Module (LM), Collins received helicopter training, as these were thought to be the best way to simulate the landing approach of the LM.
In the process of crews being reassigned, Collins was moved to the CMP position, since his new crew was Borman, Collins and William Anders.
Staff meetings were always held on Fridays in the astronaut office and it was here that Collins found himself on January 27, 1967.
Collins found it interesting that some cosmonauts were doing helicopter training like their American compatriots and Belyayev said that he hoped to make a circum-lunar flight soon.
Having trained for the flight, Collins was made a CapCom, the only people who usually spoke to the crew during a mission.
Nine months later the 31-year-old Collins was killed by one of his former comrades and Ireland lost one of the most dedicated and talented leaders in its history.
Master guitar builder and author Michael Collins is one of the few luthiers in North America to build reproductions of the Selmer and Maccaferri style guitar.
Michael Collins is the epic portrayal of the controversial life and death of Michael Collins, one of the 20th century's most significant yet overlooked political figures -- one of the true tragic heroes of Ireland's tumultuous century.
Released befroe christmass Collins came back to Ireland and was involved with the irb.
Collins was sent over to london to negotiate the Anglo Irish treaty.
In the Civil War Collins was Commander in Chef of the Irish Free State Army and was Killed in his home County of Cork in a place called Beal na Mblath when his convoy was attacked.
Uprising in 1916, but he played a relatively low key part.
Michael Collins was born in October 1890 in County Cork.
member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood.
then to Frongoch internment camp in Wales.
that Collins had betrayed the republican movement.
government which would take over Ireland once the British had left.
ambushed at a place called Beal na mBlath and Collins was shot dead.
which have been translated into seventeen languages.
Collins is a member of The Irish National 100K Team, which finished 8th at The World 100k (62 miles) Championships in Holland.
and he prides himself on the political and social legacy for which Collins fought and died for on behalf of creating the Irish Republic.
These days, Collins has abandoned the roads due to chronic leg injuries and now competes in extreme marathons and ultra-marathons over mountainous terrain and in arctic and desert climates.
Registering just days before the USA (USATF) National 50 Mile Trail Championships, and having done no mountain running given his focus on the nature of the flat course for the World 100K Championships, Collins arrived with a sense of trepidation when confronted with the true nature of the course, as described in the program "as an ultimate test of mental character and physical endurance.
In mid-2005, while finishing his latest novel, Collins found his form again after years of chronic injuries related to competing in the Everest Marathon and 100 Mile Stage Race.
Collins had nothing but praise for Donovan, stating, "Richard pulled off simply the most amazing extreme marathon race I've run, and that's saying something since I've done the Mount Everest and Antarctic marathons.
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Collins is now happily retired after a stellar careers as test pilot, astronaut, diplomat, author and first director of the most-visited museum in the world.
Collins is happily retired after a stellar career as test pilot, astronaut, diplomat, author and first director of the National Air Space Museum.
torn, troubled state as it is of one man's rise and fall.
Strong acting is a key reason why Michael Collins is as effective as it is.
easily eclipsing his Oscar-nominated presentation of Oscar Schindler.
ensues, and, on August 22, 1922, Collins is assassinated while in his home district of Cork.
creating mayhem, but who wants peace so desperately that he's willing to die for it.
Election 2004: The Urban LegendMichael Collins has added substantially to what we know about the chilling reality of E2004, numbers that don't add up to a legitimate election no matter how they are sliced.
16, 1890, near Sam's Cross, a tiny hamlet in West Cork, Ireland.
Irish independence and a member of the I.
Collins has been described as a man larger than life.
In 1909, Collins was sworn in as a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood.
forces, Collins was becoming a mythical figure, something larger than life.
men and he virtually paralyzed the service.
large sums of money to arm young Irish men against the English.
agree to let them govern themselves.
impossible for over seven hundred years in Ireland.
make laws for future peace and order.
the end of January and Collins was elected Chairman.
first Irishman to freely step through the doors and claim victory.
Collins was gunned down in an ambush.
ensure that it was done as long as it was the government for the Irish people.
order for things to be better for all the people.
been hit in the head behind his right ear.
Squad, for the purpose of executing British agents.
Collins was able to cycle about the city to one of his offices.
Valera had sent him as a negotiator because it was a no-win situation.
Chairman of the Provisional Government.
Winston Churchill and others at No.
Michael Collins had only twenty minutes more to live.
Using more scrolling title cards than I've ever seen before, at first I thought Michael Collins was going to be a read-along.
MICHAEL COLLINS is a film biography of the notorious Irish freedom fighter, a major figure in Ireland's struggle for independence from England during the 1920s.
An IRA founder whose innovative guerrilla tactics succeeded in bringing freedom from British rule, Collins remains a controversial but much respected political figure, who is skillfully embodied in the film by Liam Neeson.
MICHAEL COLLINS was shown at the 1996 Venice Film Festival, where it won the Golden Lion for Best Film, and Liam Neeson was named Best Actor.
Michael Collins was the command module pilot for Apollo 11, the 1969 American space mission which landed the first humans on the moon.
Collins came from a military family.
Collins is unrelated to Michael Collins, the 20th-century Irish revolutionary leader.