Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheal Martin of Ireland

Martin has concerned himself largely with philosophy of religion, though the philosophies of science, law, and sport have not escaped his attention.
On the former, Martin has published a number of books and articles defending atheism and various arguments against the existence of God in exhaustive detail (among them, the Transcendental argument for the non-existence of God.
Martin is a pluralist naturalist, as opposed to a physicalistic naturalist.
Martin is married to Mary O’Shea and has four children - two boys and two girls.
Martin was eventually elected to Dáil Éireann for the Cork South Central constituency at the 1989 general election.
When Fianna Fáil returned to power in 1997 Martin was appointed to the newly-expanded position of Minister for Education Science.
In a cabinet reshuffle in January 2000 Martin was appointed Minister for Health Children.
Martin had been touted as a possible future leader of Fianna Fáil.
On the resignation of Bertie Ahern in May 2008, Martin supported Brian Cowen's candidature.
In this essay, Martin discusses the following questions.
Michael Martin describes and refutes the inductional form of the Transcendental Argument for God's existence.
Michael Martin has argued that, when closely evaluated, the concept of Heaven as historically construed by Christians is found to be a veritable mare's nest of philosophical difficulties and confusions.
By mutual agreement, Martin has been given the closing word.
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Martin was before the Michigan Court of Appeals.
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Michael Martin is a Vocal Performance major at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa.
Martin has buckled down,dug in and added his own excellent compositions to the book.
Martin is currently touring with singer songwriter Tom Russell.