Minister for Defense Willie O'dea of Ireland

O'Dea has also sparked controversy when admitting to smoking cannabis at a party in Dublin, whilst being under the influence of alcohol, during his days at UCD.
Like his former constituency colleague Desmond O'Malley, O'Dea was opposed to Charlie Haughey's leadership throughout the 1980s, becoming a member of the so-called Gang of 22.
O'Dea said that it was not his intention to glamorise gun crime.
O'Dea has spoken out against Aer Lingus's decision to cease London Heathrow flights from Shannon Airport.
O'Dea said the Government should use its 25% shareholding in Aer Lingus to reverse the airline's decision to end its Shannon to Heathrow service.
However in July 2008 O'Dea was reported in The Irish Examiner as being prepared to shave off his distinctive 'tache' 'if the price was right.
Minister for Defence Willie O'Dea said the Government has approved, in principle, the continued participation of Defence Forces in.
Defence Minister Willie O'Dea said it was "scaremongering.
AuthorTopic: Dell42Posts:236Posted 6-Oct-200809:51Report offensive postO’Dea denies reports of imminent Dell closure Print Defence Minister Willie O'Dea has denied being informed by Dell executives that the computer giant plans to end its Irish operations early next year.
Defence Minister Willie O'Dea has denied being informed by Dell executives that the computer giant plans to end its Irish operations early next year.
A spokeswoman for Mr O'Dea said this week Ireland's participation in EUfor was not in doubt despite the threat.
O'Dea says UN sorry over troops criticism - Boston.
Minister for Defence Willie O'Deaclaimed today he had received an apology from the UN after criticism that Irish troops serving in Chad failed to protect staff who were threatened by rebels at the weekend.
However, O'Dea said Wednesday a lack of key enablers, particularly helicopters and medical facilities, had delayed the mission, although this was resolved at a Brussels conference last week.
O'Dea said the initial entry force will provide reconnaissance and security for the follow-on force of 400 Irish troops, which are likely to deploy shortly afterwards.
It has come to light that Willie O'Dea is in fact a ten year old boy called William O'Dea.
Irish premier Bertie Ahern and Irish Minster for Defence Willie O'Dea said today Fianna Fáil would not go into coalition with Sinn Féin after the Irish general election.
Minister for Defence Willie O'Dea has said he would rather go into opposition than enter a government with Sinn Féin.
Speaking at a Fianna Fáil press conference in Dublin, Mr O'Dea said the party would discuss numbers on any possible coalition after the May 24th election with "anybody but Sinn Féin.
Mr O'Dea said he had been told by multinational companies in the mid-west that they would "seriously consider" pulling out of the area if Sinn Féin and its stated economic policies gets into government in "any shape or form.
Asked whether Fianna Fáil would take "external support" from Sinn Féin if in government, Mr O'Dea said the party could not prevent Sinn Féin from going into the government lobby or the Opposition lobby to vote in the Dáil (Irish Lower House.
On crime, Mr O'Dea said he was "proud" of the Government's record on crime.
Another fine mess Willie O'Dea has got himself into.
Thankfully for Minister Cowen, he had left South's pub when Minister O'Dea was involved in an incident with some Shannon campaigners last Saturday night.
Once more Willie O'Dea is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.
Indeed it's not the first time Minister O'Dea has been made to look foolish.
But that general rule hardly applied two months ago when Minister O'Dea was trampling all over the Government policy on the Aer Lingus move out of Shannon.
It was the final straw for the Taoiseach and his Cabinet colleagues and Minister O'Dea was reined in by Ministers Mary Hanafin and Dermot Ahern, who firmly set out the Government policy in Minister Dempsey's absence.
Minister O'Dea was humbled as his solo run was cut off, as it was made clear his views were not the official Government position.
Where now lie the leaked local reports that Minister O'Dea was heavily involved in the BMI negotiations that seemed certain to reach a positive conclusion? The Taoiseach this week outlined how the ministerial team of political advisers is a more slimline operation than before as he insisted it was "far less than under previous governments, when there were well over 50 or 60 advisers.
In just one hour on Saturday more than 100 people on Limerick’s O’Connell Street signed letters addressed to the Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea T.
By LEADER REPORTERA WOMAN who falsely claimed she was the niece of Defence Minister Willie O'Dea told the garda who was arresting her that she would be "f**ked" when the TD heard about it, a court has been told.
MINISTER Willie O'Dea is set to be the main witness in the court case of a man who is accused of making a false statement to gardai.
Defence minister Willie O'Dea has created clones of himself to help him take over the Irish government by fo.
Speaking on RTÉ Radio's News At One, Mr O'Dea said it was by no means his intention to glamorise gun crime.
Both men later left, and Mr O'Dea says he hadreturned to the pub to collect his wife and was onhis way out when he was 'approached in a very aggressive manner about Shannon.
Minister for Defence Willie O'Dea said he was extremely saddened by the news but as a local TD he was fully committed to securing alternative employment and investment for Limerick.
Minister Willie O'Dea said yesterday: "He told US politely but bluntly that Dell's competitors in the PC industry had all out-sourced their manufacturing, and if Dell didn't do likewise then the company had no future.