Minister of Internal (Public) Security Avraham Dichter of Israel

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As an adolescent, he joined Hashomer Hatzair, the oldest Zionist youth movement still functioning After graduating high school in Ashkelon (where he met his wife), Dichter was selected to serve in the elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces, Sayeret Matkal, under then Commander Ehud Barak.
Upon completing his military service, Dichter joined Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, in 1974 where he advanced to eventually become its Director in 2000.
Aiming to improve the Shin Bet's protection capabilities, Dichter was appointed Director of the Security and Protection Division.
On May 4, 2006 Dichter was sworn in as the Minister of Public Security.
As Minister of Public Security, Avi Dichter is leading massive reform in the fields under the auspices of the ministry.
In this capacity Minister Dichter has led the warming of professional relations with many partners across the globe including the signing of cooperation agreements with the US Department of Homeland Security as well as with other counterparts from Canada and countries in the European Union.
Avi Dichter came last in the Kadima leadership election, 2008 with 2,563 votes (6.
Judge William Pauley of the Southern District of New York rejected those arguments, finding that Dichter was immune from suit and that the claims presented political questions not appropriate for judicial resolution.
He wondered if Israeli Minister of Public Security Avraham Dichter had a personal problem with Egypt as he had released similar statements before.
The radio did not give details of the Sunday meeting, only saying that Dichter discussed with Dahlan issues concerning the security cooperation between the two sides in order to bring an early end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
A spokeswoman for the Center for Constitutional Rights said Dichter was served with the lawsuit during a benefit Wednesday in New York City.
On the contrary: Dichter is worse than Ezra, he is less rational, full of self importance and unable to see beyond the tip of his nose.
Dichter is acting as though he never heard that criminals had infiltrated the highest ranks of the tax division, that several criminals are roaming around cabinet ministers' backyards, that a district judge was murdered, and that a sex offender celebrated his imprisonment with several of the State's saints.
com) Minister of Internal Security Avraham Dichter said Monday that “after years of painstaking work.
Dichter is now Israel's minister of public security.
A spokeswoman for the Center for Constitutional Rights said Dichter was served with the lawsuit during a benefit Wednesday in New York City, reports the AP.
Quoted on radio, Avraham Dichter denied the existence of a large "underground Jewish terrorist network", but said there was "one terrorist cell" operating in that region, a French news agency said.
The lawsuit argued Dichter had "developed, implemented and escalated the practice of targeted killings.
Israeli Internal Security Minister Avraham Dichter said on Monday that Egypt was turning a blind eye to illegal arms supplies in Gaza, and that over the past seven years, Egypt had done nothing to stop arms smuggling.
Dichter has no time to ensure the security of Israeli citizens.
The comments by Avraham Dichter came as he toured a border community that is the target of continued rocket attacks by militants in the Gaza Strip.
Dichter said Israeli needs to focus on dealing with the overall issues with Hamas and not address the problems in piecemeal fashion, The Jerusalem Post reported Sunday.