Minister of Justice Daniel Friedmann of Israel

Friedmann was born in Mandate Palestine into a family that has lived there for seven generations.
Friedmann was previously a professor of law at Tel Aviv University in the 1960s and 70s, including a stint as dean of the faculty of law there between 1974 and 1978.
Friedmann is the recipient of several Israeli and international awards, including the Zeltner Prize (awarded to an outstanding jurist), the Sussman Prize, the Minkoff Prize, and the prestigious Israel Prize (1991.
Friedmann has authored numerous legal articles and treatises in Hebrew and English.
The initial reaction to appointment was mixed, but the commentators agree that Friedmann is strongly critical of the Israeli Judiciary.
In the past Friedmann has declared a preference for reforming the system by which justices are appointed to the Israeli Supreme Court.
University Law Faculty in 1974-78.
Friedmann has written and edited a number of books, among them Conflict Resolution in International Trade (1993, with E.
Professor Daniel Friedmann has written an extraordinary book.
After presenting his analysis of these stories, Friedmann discusses the inherent legal principles and shows how they have influenced subsequent legal understandings.
Interpretation “Friedmann is not a biblical scholar.
and England, Professor Friedmann has published many articles in Israeli newspapers on current topics.
MK Yossi Beilin (Meretz) objected to the appointment: "Friedmann is not joining the government because he is a great jurist.
Professor Friedmann was appointed for his agenda that includes reform in the appointment of judges and restraining judicial activism," he said.
Friedmann was selected to replace Haim Ramon following the latter's conviction for indecent conduct.
New justice minister sworn in Wednesday.
In the interview Heshin went on to say Friedmann is "an excellent man of law, no one disputes this, he is one of the very best.
There are also others who are excellent, but Danny Friedmann has something the others do not.
Friedmann was a teenager when Nazis began a reign.
Friedmann lived in Framingham before moving to.
Friedmann was a first lieutenant in the Women's.
Newspaper article from: Jerusalem Post; 7/16/2008; document.
IZENBERG Jerusalem Post 07-16-2008 Headline: Friedmann says police officers must not investigate.
July 16, 2008 -- Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann said Tuesday he intends to sever the.
Friedmann was responding to allegations by MK Arye.
Friedmann said the legislation, if approved, would.
Daniel Friedmann appointed justice minister: Friedmann is a vociferous opponent of Supreme Court President Dorit Beinish.
Friedmann has won the Israel Prize for jurisprudence.
Friedmann was the Dean of Tel-Aviv University Law Faculty in 1974-78.
Friedmann is a member of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities, member of the American Law Institute and a member of the International Academy of Comparative Law.
Since being appointed justice minister, Friedmann has initiated a series of moves aimed at weakening the power of the Supreme Court.
But, even though he and Shamgar refused to discuss their talk with Friedmann afterwards, it was is clear that both felt Friedmann was going too far and that the purpose of the meeting was to try to persuade him to restrain himself somewhat.
Friedmann is pushing a series of further reforms.
Even prior to completing this initiative, Friedmann has begun to push for the renewed passage (in different wording) of the last law the court nullified.
Friedmann has also stated that the court should not intervene in a law that prevents Arab citizens from living in Israel with spouses who hail from the Territories.
Jerusalem – Daniel Friedmann has planted his muddy, plebeian boots on Israel’s third rail-–the sanctum sanctorum otherwise known as the “High Court of Justice.
Standing on this edifice, Friedmann has thrown the gauntlet at the feet of Aharon Barak, whose 11-year (1996-2006) reign over the “Supreme Court,” as it’s more commonly referred to, transformed it from a relatively moderate, occasionally useful adjudicator of disputes between Israel’s private and governmental sectors into a judicial wrecking ball.
Though he has crossed swords with current Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, Barak’s alter ego, Friedmann knows full well that it is Barak’s ideological stranglehold on the Court he must break if he is ever to put the brakes to its runaway powers.
Friedmann is carrying out an assassination of the Supreme Court and its head,” bellowed voluble Labor Party MK Ophir Paz-Pines, “ contempt of the court and damage to public confidence in the institution of justice.
Daniel Friedmann is still a long way from bringing judicial tyranny in Israel to its knees, but he’s already put a sizeable chink in its armor.
Friedmann had already been charged with DUI.
Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann is drafting a new law to curb the Supreme Court - drawing the expected ire from Knesset Members on the left, such as Ophir Pines of Labor.
Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann is seeking to draw a new and firm line which the Judiciary cannot cross when it comes to matters of national security that ought to be in Friedmanns and the governments mind the sole purview of the Israeli government.
This Friedmann inititiative is the new balance Friedmann is seeking to establish between what government action and policy is and is not subject to the courts review.
How successful Friedmann is in his efforts is of interest not only to lawyers, but pundits of all disciplines who follow Israeli politics.
From the WebDaniel Friedmann: Any Gaza agreement must include Schalit's releaseJerusalem Post - Tuesday, Jan 13, 2009Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann said on Tuesday that any agreement with Hamas must include the release of captured IDF soldier Giald Schalit.
And Professor Friedmann is determined to blow the whistle on the long reign of judicial tyranny imposed on Israel by its anti-democratic judges and by advocates of judicial activism.
Tel Aviv law don Daniel Friedmann is both a man of principle and a man of conservative legal principles.
Professor Friedmann was one of those jurists who vehemently opposed the appointment of Beinisch as chief justice, repeatedly declaring his position that she is not competent or qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.
Friedmann was the country’s leading promoter of Cohen for the post and accused Beinisch of blocking the appointment for petty personal reasons.