Attorney General Menachem Mazuz of Israel

In January 2004, Mazuz was appointed Attorney General.
When Mazuz's predecessor Elyakim Rubinstein resigned to accept appointment to the Supreme Court, Mazuz was chosen by Justice Minister Yosef Lapid; his selection and confirmation were carried out without the involvement of Sharon or vice-premier Ehud Olmert (also a target of the campaign-finance investigation) who both abstained in order to avoid a conflict of interest.
Upon taking office, Mazuz said he would vigorously pursue the case against Sharon, earning him contrasts in the media with Rubinstein, who had been accused of moving too slowly on the matter.
After the successful and relatively peaceful completion of the retreat, Mazuz said that it was freedom of demonstration which prevented the operation from escalating into a violent one.
Mazuz has come under criticism from human rights groups for allowing Israeli police to employ violence against demonstrators in the evacuation of Amona.
Mazuz was born in Djerba, Tunisia, the fourt.
Mazuz is responsible for demanding Sharon to refrain from using missiles as a counteraction to the Palestinian Qassam rockets, explaining that such an action "could lead to loses in lives amongst civilians, a thing that would be interpreted as a military crime, a global criticism Israel would have difficulty withstanding.
PETAH TIKVA , Israel, Nov 27 (UPI) -- The chairwoman of Israel's ruling Kadima party called on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to step aside Thursday in light of an expected indictment.
UMM AL-FAHM, Israel, Jan 27 (UPI) -- No Israeli police officers will be indicted for their part in the deadly riots in the city of Umm al-Fahm, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz said Sunday.
Mazuz was born in Djerba, Tunisia, the fourth in a family of nine children of the rabbi of one of the island's Jewish communities.
It was unlikely when Menachem Mazuz was born in Tunisia in 1955 to a large, religious Jewish family that his parents ever dreamed that he would one day be appointed to Israel's top legal post.
Mazuz was born in 1955 in Djerba, Tunisia, one of ten brothers and sisters.
Mazuz was known as a gifted child while he was in elementary school, and later was sent to study at a youth center in Jerusalem for high school.
Mazuz has said that his decision in the case of the prime minister would not be put off any longer than necessary, and that he would approach the decision with "great caution.
Mazuz said that he will adopt a new approach toward his position.
Mazuz said that once he finishes his term of office and decides to become a judge, he will first take a couple of years as a "cooling-off" period.
JERUSALEM -- The head of Israel's ruling Kadima Party and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni called on incumbent Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign immediately as the indictment of the premier edges closer following allegations of fraud.
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Attorney General Menachem Mazuz on Tuesday blasted the leaders of the opposition to the disengagement, accusing them of crossing red lines in their public struggle to foil the Gaza pullout.
Speaking at a conference of the Israel Bar Association in Eilat, Mazuz said that the top echelons of the Justice Ministry are monitoring daily the public struggle against the disengagement, in order to determine to what extent should criminal law be enforced against protesters.
In an interview with journalist Dan Shilon appearing tomorrow in the Koteret journal, Mazuz says that an individual who holds "a high and sensitive office" and is suspected of criminal offenses should take leave from his duties at his own initiative, "and the position of Rabbi Metzger most certainly meets the definition of a high and sensitive office.
Menahem Mazuz was born in 1955 in Djerba, Tunisia, one of nine brothers and sisters.
In January 2004, Menahem Mazuz was appointed Attorney General.
com) Attorney General Menachem Mazuz said Wednesday that he opposes reverse discrimination – or corrective preferment, as it is known in Hebrew – for Hareidi-religious Jews in government service.
Mazuz said he hoped that the Hareidi obstacle to the legislation would be removed in the next Knesset.
Mazuz said that the process of integrating Arabs had gained steam as a result of the "openness" generated by the Oslo process, but had suffered a setback after the Arab riots of 2000.
Mazuz said that he is also actively promoting Arabs within the judicial system.
com) While not rejecting outright the option of power cuts to the Hamas-controlled Gaza region in response to continued enemy rocket attacks from the PA, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz said Monday night that the measure should be suspended.
Mazuz says the Defense Ministry must examine how to implement the measures so that they "would not cause humanitarian harm to the civilian population.
The Monday night meeting with Mazuz was attended by officials from the Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Justice, State Prosecutor Eran Shendar, as well as legal counsel from the Prime Minister's Office, the IDF and the National Security Council.
In deciding the states response to Adalahs petition, Mazuz took Adalahs point and concluded that the ILA, as a statutory body, cannot both honor the terms of the JNF trust and follow the law of how the state is supposed to administer state lands.
In so deciding, Mazuz has effectively expropriated and nationalized all JNF lands.
What Adalah is demanding in its petition and what Mazuz is agreeing to is the acceptance of a discriminatory principle whereby Jews have no right to collectively own land for the benefit of Jews in the Jewish state.
In making this decision, Mazuz has not merely overstepped his authority.
Mazuz expressed his support at a convention held by the Israel Bar Association, while attending a panel that dealt with the boundaries of abiding by the law.
the hearing procedure is substantive and not merely a technicality, I say, Mr.
Danino was head of SICU, Mazuz had just been appointed attorney general.
removal, Mazuz was asked how he could have lent a hand to my ouster.
case against Sharon for lack of evidence.
The Israeli attorney general Menachem Mazuz has instructed the police to permit Friday's 'gay pride' parade through the streets of Jerusalem, although he "instructed police and gay activitists to work toward a compromise for a 'parade with a modest character', according to.
Attorney General Menachem Mazuz has released a statement denying a deal exists between Hevron residents and the state regarding a return to Mitzpei Shalhevet in the coming months.
Mazuz was responding to reports that a deal was reached by which the legal process establishing Jewish ownership of the area would be expedited, permitting the return of Mitzpei Shalhevet residents within approximately two months.