Minister of Finance Roni Bar-on of Israel

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Bar-On was born in Tel Aviv shortly after Israeli independence in 1948.
Bar-On was severely criticized for "ignorance, arrogance and insensitivity" in a signed article in Haaretz on August 6, 2006, for saying that any municipal worker in the north of Israel who travelled south to seek shelter from Katyushas was a deserter and would not be paid.
inquiry centers on accusations that Aryeh Deri, leader of religious Shas party, threatened to bring down Israeli-Palestinian agreement on Hebron unless Roni Bar-On was appointed Attorney General; Bar-On was appointed, but quit after 12 hours in storm of protests from jurists and politicians who said he wa.
Bar-On was also amazingly lenient with immigrants, but kept an almost total freeze on the matter of reunification of Palestinian families.
Thus it can be said that Bar-On was very humane, but only within the Green Line.
Bar-On was not the first interior minister to institute greater leniency in the Population Administration, but he was the first to succeed.
Bar-On has no background in economics, and in the last year has been serving as interior minister.
Bar-On was born in Tel Aviv in 1948 and studied law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem during the early 1970s.
Bar-On had his first mass media exposure in 1997 when he was at the center of a huge scandal, when Netanyahu attempted to appoint him attorney general.
Minister of Science and Technology.
year but Bar-On said it will be far lower.
Bar-On is so convinced of Olmert's ability to be the national renovator that it makes one feel like forgetting Olmert himself is also the main culprit behind these failures.
Yet following the tempting offer comes the threat: What do you want now, Minister Bar-On says with his thundering voice - to get Bibi and his shady deals? Eh?! You want Bibi?! So says Bar-On, and joyfully returns to work.
JERUSALEM (AFP) Israel's banking system is sound and can be trusted, Finance Minister Roni Bar-On said on Friday, while appealing to investors not to panic.
Finance Minister Roni Bar-On said that "the new immigrant and returning citizen tax reform will assist the immigration of Jewish people to Israel and the return of Israeli citizens, including academics and business people; it will strengthen the Israeli economy and will help it grow.
In the Bar-On scandal, Roni Bar-On was never questioned under warning.
Given that the charges was that Bar-On was to be appointed to succeed Ben-Yair so that he would go easy on Aryeh Deri, if there was such a quid pro quo Bar-On should have known about it.
Ronnie Bar-On was born in Tel Aviv in 1948.
Bar-On has served, among others, as Chairman of the Council for the Organization of Sport-Gambling (1998-2001), member of the Central Committee of the Israel Bar (1995-2003) and the Jerusalem Regional Committee of the Israeli Bar, as well as a member of the Council for the Administrative Courts, the Advisory Commission to the Government Companies Authority, and the Public Defenders Commission.
InMay 2006, reelected to the Knesset on the Kadima list,Ronnie Bar-On was appointed Minister of the Interior, serving until July 2007 when he was appointed Minister of Finance.
Israel TV quoted high-level anonymous sources who said Bar-On was appointed attorney general as a favor to Shas, which holds a deciding vote in Netanyahu's fragile coalition government.
JERUSALEM (AFX) - Israeli Interior Minister Roni Bar-On said he intends to accelerate housing projects on settlements in the occupied Golan Heights, defying recent Syrian calls for peace talks.
Hanegbi rejected the criticisms, saying that Bar-On is "a person with the highest amount of integrity.
Bar-On was slated to replace Michael Ben-Yair, who announced his resignation in December.
Finance Minister Roni Bar-On is preparing a plan to rid Israel of all illegal immigrants within five years, Haaretz reports.
Israels finance minister met with the three major credit raters in an appeal to raise Israels ratings.
Roni Bar-On met in New York and Washington this week with officials representing Standard and Poors, Moodys and Fitch.
Finance Minister Roni Bar-On said the slower growth in recent months strengthens the importance of passing the 2009 state budget since the global downturn will weigh on Israel’s growth in 2009, thereby requiring responsible fiscal policies.
Despite the encouraging (first half) figures, we expect a slowdown in growth rate, so it is very important to continue leading a responsible economic policy of supporting growth and shrinking gaps,â€‌ Bar-On said in a statement.
Israeli Interior Minister Roni Bar-On said yesterday he intended to accelerate housing projects on settlements in the occupied Golan Heights, defying recent Syrian calls for peace talks.
A three-month police investigation was launched earlier this year after an Israel Television report alleged that Bar-On was appointed as part of a deal to provide a plea bargain to Shas Knesset member Aryeh Deri, who is on trial for corruption.
At a press conference, Bar-On said that he intended to submit two budget proposals, one with an emphasis on defense, and another with emphasis on welfare services.
Bar-On said that he decided to go ahead with the budget despite the government's shakiness, in light of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's announcement he would step down.
Bar-On said the country's economic security should not be affected by political upheavals.
The police investigation was launched after an Israel Television report alleged that Bar-On was appointed as part of a deal to provide a plea bargain to Shas leader Aryeh Deri, who is on trial for corruption.
Minister of Finance Roni Bar-On said that the plan will produce savings of billions of shekels, which will be redirected to maintaining investments, consumption and savings in the economy, all with a view to advancing environmental objectives and strengthening the green economy.