Minister Without Portfolio Ruhama Avraham of Israel

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Original source: Work received from the office of the minister - התמונה התקבלה מלשכת השרה
Author: Photographer: Anat Sudai-Alaloff ענת סודאי אללוף
Avraham was born in Rishon LeZion in 1964.
Ruhama Avraham was born in Rishon Letzion in 1964.
In the last Knesset, Ruhama Avraham had been considered a close colleague of Hirchson, who chaired the Knesset Finance Committee.
Avraham says she is prepared to pass a small part of the Economic Arrangements Bill before year-end, through an accelerated legislative process.
and has been in the Knesset for 6 years.
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The allegations are related to flights Avraham took in the summer of 2004 to Belgium and the United States along with MK Eli Aflalo, which were mostly paid for by the Agrexco company.
Knesset Member Ruhama Avraham is proposing a new law to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in public parks after nightfall.
In March 2005, Ruhama Avraham was appointed Deputy Minister of the Interior.
in less than two hours is about as good as MK Ruhama Avraham being made Minister of Interior (Editor's Note: Ruhama Avraham is the Interior Minister.
Ruhama Avraham is being considered for the Interior Ministry, while Eli Aflalo is considered for the Trade, Industry and Labor Minister.
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Avraham is leading the the fight against President Moshe Katsav in an attempt to forbid him from.
Avraham was interrogated for many hours on suspicion of receiving a bribe, fraud and breach of trust.
Avraham's office issued a statement in response: "MK Avraham was indeed summoned by the police and was interrogated for several hours.
MK Avraham was pleased over the opportunity she was given to explain the facts as they are and she hopes that the investigation will be completed as soon as possible.
Ruhama Avraham was born in Rishon Letzion on 29 January 1964.
Avraham was appointed Deputy Minister of the Interior from March 2005 until May 2006.
Yet, even Mr Netanyahu's former personal secretary, who owes her prominence to him, broke away from Likud and Ruhama Avraham is now a Kadima MP.
Avraham is leading the the fight against President Moshe Katsav in an attempt to forbid him from appearing in the Knesset until his investigation has ended.
Avraham said at the time: "It is possible that an innocent mistake was made.
Avraham was sworn in as the minister in charge of coordinating between the government and the Knesset.
Knesset member Ruhama Avraham is a close confidant of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
Ms Avraham has indicated that the whole country will be involved over the spring and summer; fireworks, local picnics, parades, special educational kits for schools, and more.
MK Ruhama Avraham praised the government’s approval of the law based on her bill.
The food law put forward by MK Avraham is different from a similar law put forward by MK Yuli Tamir (Labor) and MK Eti Livni (Shinui) which did not receive governmental support.
The problem was that when Avraham says Children of Israel, what she means is the children of Jewish Israel.