Ambassador to the US Salai Meridor of Israel

Meridor was informed that his organization gave scholarships only to residents of settlements around the Gaza Strip who were students at Sapir College, as we at katif.
main sources in the last decade - has thinned.
During a breakfast meeting with 15 reporters, Meridor said that nobody basically is confronting Hamas.
But Meridor denied the report in Maariv that the new immigrants were all slated to find homes in the West Bank.
Meridor said that several relocation programs are already operating, and have helped bring to Israel a Conservative Jewish community from Argentina to Kiryat Bialik; the Orthodox community from Argentina to Elad; as well as French communities looking into finding homes in Beit Shemesh and Ashdod.
sources in the last decade - has thinned.
Argentina and France, its president Salai Meridor said Thursday.
Meridor has provided US with non-ideological, pragmatic talking points as we continue to develop support within the American Jewish community for a pro-Israel, pro-peace approach to the conflict.
Salai Meridor praised the latest American sanctions on Iran.
However, Jonathan was very surprised to see that Meridor came with absolutely no plans or instructions for US, as would have befitted the government's claim that secret, ongoing efforts and contacts were underway.
Speaking at a press event in Washington, Meridor said that Syria has missiles aimed at every part of Israel, and that its forces are deploying near the Golan Heights in numbers "that we have not seen since 1973.
Meanwhile, Meridor said Israel is doing everything possible to let Syria know "we have no offensive intention.
Life is decidedly a mixed bag these days in Israel, and Salai Meridor knows this all too well.
Salai Meridor is believed to support his brother's quest.
The Jewish Agency? Meridor had indeed been in the past the chairman of that semi-governmental Israeli body, which maintains the links with world Jewish communities.
The Israeli embassy quickly announced that Meridor was going to meet Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, and the story was over.
Meridor said he would advocate a two-state solution at every opportunity, though he urged the campers not to miss any possible chance to help improve the situation.
When asked what the campers could do to help spread word of their experience and knowledge on the conflict, Meridor said improved information technology such as the Internet could help them.
Meridor said that the peace process was a difficult one, but possible given historical precedents.
Salai Meridor Named Israel's Ambassador to the United States Salai Meridor has been named to replace Danny Ayalon as Israel's ambassador to the United States.
Heights in numbers that we have not seen since 1973.