Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Shalom Simhon of Israel

Simhon was first elected to the Knesset in the 1996 elections.
In May 2006, Shalom Simhon was appointed Minister of Agriculture.
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Shalom Simhon was born in Israel in 1956 in Kfar Sava.
Shalom Simhon was a member of the Board of The Israel Lands Administration until 1996, and from 1997-2001 he was the Secretary-General of the Agricultural Centre of Farmers Organizations in Israel.
Environment Minister Shalom Simhon said after the report was published that enforcement measures, including warnings, hearings were initiated against all of the factories found to exceed pollution emission standards.
Simhon said that "despite the budgetary constraints of the Ministry of the Environment, spot checks will continue in other plants throughout the country.
These days Simhon is Barak's representative to Olmert and to government secretary Yehezkel.
Simhon said Israel should also permit Palestinian farmers in Gaza to export flowers and strawberries to Europe.
Simhon is expected to meet the Palestinian agriculture minister on Sunday.
Lebanon War is released, the ears perk up and the pen comes out.
Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon decides to resume import of fruit, vegetables 'after rabbis tried to enforce on the public an unreasonable demand' – following dispute between Chief Rabbinate and local rabbis about granting kashrut to businesses that practice heter shmitaAgriculture Minister Shalom Simhon has announced that the import of agricultural produce to Israel will be resumed.
Party officials expressed misgivings over the meetings, especially following rumors that Simhon was working behind the scenes for a Barak-led internal revolt following the elections.
Simhon has already been engaged in an effort to ease the stranglehold on Gaza, successfully urging Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai to allow a third of the 4,500 calves being held by Israel to enter the Gaza Strip.
Simhon has also requested that flowers and strawberries that were grown in a project funded by a 20 million Euro investment from the Netherlands be permitted to be exported to Europe.
was a need to promote small land holders for the development of agriculture.
Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon said on Sunday that Israel considers imposing a complete ban on exporting Gaza agricultural produce via Israel.