Minister of Transportation and Road Safety Shaul Mofaz of Israel

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Mofaz has served under four different Israeli Prime Ministers, having been appointed as Chief of Staff by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (1996-1999) in 1998, then served under Prime Minister Ehud Barak (1999-2001), and was then appointed as Minister of Defense in 2002 by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (2001-2006), and presently serves under Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
Mofaz was then appointed an infantry brigade commander for the 1982 Lebanon War.
His rapid rise continued, in 1997 Mofaz was appointed Deputy Chief of the General Staff and in 1998 he was appointed Chief of the General Staff.
Following a government crisis in 2002, Shaul Mofaz was controversially appointed Defense Minister by Ariel Sharon.
The fact that he had only recently left his position as IDF Chief of Staff prevented him from participating in the 2003 election (by which time Mofaz had joined Sharon's Likud.
Following the elections in late March 2006, Mofaz was moved from the position of Defense Minister and received the Transport ministry in the new Cabinet installed on 4 May 2006.
Mofaz accepted the Kadima primary's result, despite his lawyer, Yehuda Weinstein's appeal advice, and telephoned Livni congratulating her.
Shaul Mofaz is ready to take Kadima, the government and Israel by storm.
Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz is sure his book will have historical significance, since soon a new chapter will be written, titled "Shaul Mofaz – prime minister.
his 2002 government, he nabbed the Defense Ministry from underneath Benjamin Netanyahu's nose.
Mofaz is convinced that when the moment of truth presents itself, Kadima voters will choose him, but he is far from complacent.
Mofaz is considered a relative novice in the political game, but there is no doubt that since he first took on the Defense Ministry at Sharon's request, he has learned a great deal about the rules of the game– even at the expense of taking a clear political stand.
Mofaz has been savvy enough to send out feelers deep into the local political arena.
The same source went on to note that Mofaz is setting records in getting people to register as Kadima members, enticing 2,000 new members to join the party in the past few weeks alone.
Unlike Livni, who tries to accentuate her popularity with the general public and her seemingly good chances of beating Netanyahu in the next general elections, Mofaz is not one to put the cart before the horses.
What Mofaz is essentially doing is telling the mayors that he will provide them with a victory right now, this coming November; and that this victory will have nothing to do with his ability to defeat Netanyahu.
Mofaz has been voicing the idea of forming a national unity government much longer than Livni has.
In November 2002, Shaul Mofaz was appointed Minister of Defense.
andMinister of Transportation and Road Safety.
In 1994, Mofaz was made a major-general and named head of the IDF's Southern Command.
Mofaz was voted MK as part of Kadima's 2006 general election roster and in May of 2006 was named transportation minister under Ehud Olmert.
Mofaz is married to Orit and has four children.
Mofaz is emitting a somewhat ambiguous signal.
The sectarian genie is being hauled back onstage because of some anonymous statement by someone from Tzipi Livni's campaign who said Mofaz is the "hoodlums' favorite candidate.
Shaul Mofaz is the Israeli Transportation Minister and member of the Kadima party.
Israel Defense Chief Opposes Razing Settler Homes After EvacuationBy STEVEN ERLANGERShaul Mofaz said he opposed razing the homes of Gaza settlers because of the extra risk to the military and the police.
Crude oil rose after Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz said that Iran is on a path toward a ``major breakthrough in its ``unacceptable nuclear weapons program.
com) Transportation and Road Safety Minister Shaul Mofaz said Monday that President-elect Barack Obama.
Minister Shaul Mofaz said Sunday morning that it is up to Israel to renew deterrence against Hamas and terror organizations in the Gaza Strip.
Desc': 'Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz is met with continuous boos and whistles when he tries to address a crowd at the opening of.
The West Bank cities of Jericho and Tulkarem will be transferred from Israeli to Palestinian control "in the coming days," Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Tuesday night after meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.
against Israel northern localities.
PARIS -- The six-month truce between Israel and Hamas is due to expire on Dec 19.
Mofaz was born in Tehran on November 4, 1948, and lived there until emigrating to Israel in 1957.
Like Olmert and Tzipi Livni, Israel's foreign minister, Mofaz had long seemed at home in Netanyahu's Likud party, but like them was persuaded to move to the centrist Kadima by Ariel Sharon, the party's founder, in late 2005.
Mofaz is also noted for his hardline stance on the issue of his former homeland.
Shaul Mofaz is considered more of a hawk, very sceptical about the peace process with the Palestinians, very much so regarding the Syrians.
com staff and AP , THE JERUSALEM POST Hizbullah is rearming with long-range missiles, in violation of the cease-fire agreement that ended the Second Lebanon War, Transportation Minister and former IDF chief of staff Shaul Mofaz said Thursday morning, a day after the Lebanese army seized a shipment of weapons earmarked for Hizbullah.
On Wednesday, Mofaz met with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met on Wednesday to discuss security issues in the Middle East.
Mofaz said Israel is also focused on the Palestinian track, which he called "our first priority.
Shaul Mofaz Mofaz has been one of the most outspoken proponents of Israels military occupation of Palestinian land, and of the expansion of Israeli settlements.
Mofaz was scheduled to meet with Livni on Friday to assist her with the formation of a coalition government, but cancelled the meeting in advance of his public announcement that he was stepping down.
Mofaz received a BA in business administration from Bar-Ilan University and attended the Command and Staff College of the US Marine Corps.
In November 2002, Shaul Mofaz was appointed Minister of Defense, serving in this position until May 2006.
In May 2006 Shaul Mofaz was appointed Deputy Prime Minister andMinister of Transportation and Road Safety.
Shaul Mofaz was only six when his family emigrated from Iran to Israel.
Mofaz said that, should it became necessary to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities, Israel would take steps to ensure the safety of Iranian civilians.
At the end of the 50-minute program, Mofaz said he would never have imagined the depth of sympathy for Israel entertained by ordinary Iranians - in sharp contrast to the violence and hate emitting from the rulers of the Islamic Republic.
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Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz is the country's main liaison with the United States.
The tough rhetoric, published in Yediot Ahronot, has political resonance in Israel amid talk that Mofaz has begun jockeying to replace embattled Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as the ruling Kadima Party's leader and prime minister.
EILAT, Israel, Dec 17 (UPI) -- Two Russian planes carrying medics and relatives of bus crash victims arrived in Israel Wednesday after 24 Russians died in a tour bus mishap, officials said.
Mofaz met this week in Washington with an American team headed by William Burns, the US.
At an event Friday morning hosted by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Mofaz said he told Burns that Israel did not object to US.
Shaul Mofaz Shaul Mofaz is the current Israeli Minister of Transportation and a Deputy Prime Minister, and a former Minister of Defense.
Just a day earlier, Hasson broke the story that Mofaz had hired American political strategist Arthur Finkelstein to advise his campaign.
That's why Mofaz is in such a good position.
But in an interview with The Jerusalem Post this week, Mofaz said that he cannot help but talk about the issue that he knows most about and cares most about, and that the people most want to hear about.
The speech was interpreted as a surprising attack on Olmert, who Mofaz has been careful not to criticize until now out of fear of alienating the prime minister's large bloc in Kadima.
But Mofaz said that it was not directly solely at Olmert.
Mofaz has said that an Israeli attack was "unavoidable.
Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz is prepared to make a personal appearance in court to defend the practice, ministry officials added.
politics, shaul-mofaz, nuclear-power, nuclear-weapons, iran, war10 Mofaz: Israel attack on Iran 'unavoidable' if nuclear program continued Jun 6 - Seeded by greenpaganSource: HaaretzAn Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites looks "unavoidable" given the apparent failure of Western sanctions to deny Tehran technology with bomb-making potential, Transportation Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz said Friday.
Whether Mofaz is more bark than bite is yet to be seen.
Mofaz is Iranian-born btw) Ahmadinejad than he is aware (funnily enough Ahamdinejad was born in 1956 and the Mofaz family immigrated to Israel in 1957, so they overlapped one another's presence in Iran, if Wikipedia's dates are to be trusted, by just one year.
Mr Mofaz was speaking a day after he launched a campaign for a party leadership election next month that will lead to the replacement of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
The Iranians are the root of all evil, Mr Mofaz said in an interview on Israel Radio, adding that Tehran's nuclear programme would pose a threat to Israel's existence.
While he supports diplomacy to resolve the standoff with Tehran, Mr Mofaz said in June an Israeli attack to halt the project may be unavoidable unless a deal was reached.
This virus Mofaz was born in Iran, but he is eager to see the Iranian Goyim (Muslims, Christians, Zoroastrians, etc) killed because there is only one Chosen People in the world, and the other 99.
Shaul Mofaz is the current Israeli Transportation Minister.
It seems Mofaz is one of those types and managed to offend just about everybody in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's cabinet.
Everybody in Israel knows that Mofaz has his eyes on the job of Prime Minister and that he just might get before the decade is over due to Olmert's lack of popularity.
Israeli cabinet minister Shaul Mofaz said Israel was "very, very close" to achieving the goals of the campaign, the.
The Iranians are the root of all evil," the gravelly voiced Mofaz said shortly after officially launching his campaign following Olmert’s announcement that he would not run for re-election.
Even after leaving the right-wing Likud Party for Sharon’s newly founded centrist alternative, Kadima -- a move taken only after initially rejecting the idea and declaring himself a candidate for the Likud’s leadership -- Mofaz has not shied away from embracing hawkish stances.
Such indelicate talk has stirred concern among some in Israel that Mofaz is not ready to be a statesman.
Mofaz has made no secret of capitalizing on his ethnic roots when necessary -- his main financial support reportedly comes from wealthy former Iranians in Israel, and he has received the blessings of Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Sephardic-Orthodox Shas Party.
For the past two years, Mofaz has represented Israel in regular strategic talks with the Bush administration.
Despite his harsh talk on attacking Iran, Mofaz takes care to distinguish between the radical regime of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the ayatollahs, and ordinary Iranian people, of whom Mofaz speaks fondly.
JERUSALEM - Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas is taking steps in the right direction but Israel needs to see results, Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz said on Tuesday.
Despite criticising Abbas’s lack of progress in the security sphere, Mofaz said it was important to give the peace process a chance.
where a family's origins often influence social standing.
more hawkish than many of his colleagues.
LAW's director Shawqi Issa said, "We were made aware that Shaul Mofaz was present in London.
Mr Mofaz is a leading candidate to succeed Prime Minister Ehud Olmert when the ruling Kadima party holds elections in September.
Mofaz is an "Oriental", born in Iran, an outsider.
Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz is met with cont.
Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz is met with continuous boos and whistles when he tries to address a crowd at the opening of the Shayarot Etzion Junction.