Minister of Health Yaacov Ben yizri of Israel

Poverty is harmful to one’s health: Health Minister Yacov Ben Yizri said Wednesday there was a clear connection between the economy and health: “Poverty and social disparities are becoming a health hazard no less significant than high blood pressure,” Ben Yizri said at the Caesarea Conference Wednesday during a panel to gather recommendations for a long-term plan to decrease poverty in Israel, under the sponsorship of the Israel Democracy Institute.
Israeli Minister of Health Yaacov Ben Yizri praised the joint initiative.
Yacov Ben Yizri was born in Fez, Morocco, in 1927 and immigrated to Israel after the establishment of the state,in 1949.
Ben Yizri was elected to the Knesset in March 2006 on the Gil Pensioners list.
Health Minister Yaacov Ben Yizri met with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert yesterday to ask for emergency funding.
Ben Yizri said existing hospitals, coping with chronic shortages of beds and staff, need an additional 3,000 beds.
Health Minister Yaacov Ben Yizri said in response to the Finance Ministry's 2007 budget proposal, "The Pensioners' party cannot accept the hit to elderly allowances that the finance minister has planned.
Health Minister Yaacov Ben Yizri said his party would not agree to a single violation of its coalition agreement.