Minister of Education Yael "Yuli" Tamir of Israel

Tamir was one of the founders of Peace Now (1978), and between 1980-1985, she was an activist for Ratz.
Tamir has been a controversial figure in Israel.
Tamir has also created criticism for her self-critical analysis of clitoridectomy, namely, that many of the negative aspects of clitoridectomy are mirrored in the westernized societies who so strongly oppose it.
However, while many critics have claimed that Tamir supports a "hands-off" approach to clitoridectomy (due to an unfortunate title), she has repeatedly repudated this claim.
In May 2006, Yuli Tamir was appointed Minister of Education.
Yuli Tamir has been a Research Fellow at both Princeton and Harvard Universities, and also the Hartman Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.
For years, Tamir has been an influential woman in several organizations.
In May 2006, Yuli Tamir was named Minister of Education, Culture and Sport.
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I'm not convinced that this is consistent with that guideline, however, because even if it is the case that Tamir is generally known as "Yuli" to the Israeli public, most people in the English-speaking world know her by "Yael", which is the name that she publishes under, and her academic work is the primary reason for her notability outside of Israel.
That last paragraph implies that Tamir supports (or at least does not support opposition to) clitoridectomy, which is far from the truth.
Yael (Yuli) Tamir was born in Israel in 1954.
Tamir is a Professor of Political Philosophy at Tel Aviv University and a Research Fellow at the Hartman Institute of Jewish Studies.
In May 2006 Tamir was appointed Education Minister in PM Ehud Olmerts government.
Yael (Yuli) Tamir Yael (Yuli) Tamir was born in Israel in 1954.
Tamir is a Professor of Political Philosophy at Tel-Aviv University and served as a Research Fellow at Princeton and Harvard universities as well as the Hartman Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.
Tamir has authored several books as well as articles liberalism, nationalism, feminism, and the theory of rights.
In May 2006 Yuli Tamir was appointed Minister of Minister of Education.
She is also a trailblazing intellectual: Tamir is a professor of political philosophy at Tel Aviv University and a founder of Peace Now, Israels first organized peace movement.
Tamir was born and raised in Israel.
Tamir is a member of the Women's Lobby and has chaired Israels Civil Rights Organization.
Prior to becoming minister of education, Tamir was minister of immigrant absorption and acting minister of science, culture and sports.
Tamir received a BA in Biology and an MA in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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In addition to serving as a Knesset member and a professor in the School of Education and Philosophy Departments at Tel-Aviv University, Yael (Yuli) Tamir is the Communications Director for the new Chair of the Labor Party, Amir Peretz.
Professor Tamir is a founding member of Peace Now and served as the Chairperson of NIF's largest grantee, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.
Yael Tamir is the author of Liberal Nationalism (Princeton University Press 1993) as well as of many other articles on nationalism, rights, and education.
Professor Tamir is a founding member of the Israeli Peace Movement Peace Now, and a member of the Labor Party.
In May 2006 Yuli Tamir was appointed Minister of Minister of Education, Culture and Sport.
Yuli Tamir is a native born Israeli who has combined her academic studies and career with political activity in her professional life, and has studied and lectured in Israel, the UK, and the USA.
Since the Elections, Minister Tamir has been notably pro-active on two immediate issues, emerging from the wider reform of the Israel education system:*She has initiated litigation to ensure state funding for school meals in private, as well as state schools;* She has taken swift measures to avoid the large-scale redundancy of teachers, which would reduce the number of student hours, and to reconcile with teachers threatening industrial action.
Tamir was a founding member of the Peace Now movement and recently served as Chairperson for the Israeli Association of Civil Rights.
Tamir received her BA and MA degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and her PhD from Balliol College, Oxford.
Tamir was coordinator of research for the Center of Middle East Peace and Development at New York University, and from 1981-84 she was a teaching assistant in the Political Science Department of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Tamir was an Allon Fellow (1991-94), a Fulbright Fellow (1994-95), a research fellow at the University Center for Human Rights in Princeton, and a visiting scholar at the Center for Ethics and the Professions at Harvard and the Central European University in Budapest.
Tamir is a member of several professional societies including the Philosophy of Education Association of Great Britain, the American Philosophers Association, the International Political Science Association and the International Network of Philosophers of Education.
that could set in motion a different kind of dialogue among the Jews in Israel.
Newspaper article from: Oakland Tribune; 2/14/2004; document.
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Education Minister Tamir said in her speech, "We are here in order to protest an immoral decision which takes US years back in time.
Yael Uli Tamir is a menace to women everywhere.
If the New York Times had it correctly, Tamir has also enabled teaching in Arab schools in Israel that Israels existence is a naqba.
On the Palestinian issue, Tamir says Peretz would meet immediately with Palestinian leaders to start negotiating the Roadmap that calls for a Palestinian state.
However, Tamir said that for the time being, the entire matter was hypothetical, and that if anything it pointed.
Professor Yael (Yuli) Tamir was the Minister of Immigrant Absorption from 1999-2001.
Tamir is a graduate of Balliol College at Oxford, where she wrote her Ph.
Professor Tamir received the Balliol College Domus Scholarship, 1985-1988; the Moses Montefiorie Scholarship, 1988; the Alon Fellowship 1991; the Laurence S.