Minister of Social Affairs Yitzhak Herzog of Israel

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In 1975, Yaakov Goldman, Rabbi Herzog's former secretary, wrote to Emunah Yaron, Agnon's daughter, that Herzog was upset one day because they had asked him to quickly compose a prayer for the State for an important ceremony.
In other words, Agnon copied the version which Herzog had sent him and then added his own corrections, but it was composed by Rabbis Herzog and Uziel.
Israeli Minister Yitzhak Herzog answers questions at TIP event in Haifa.
Minister Herzog was touring the north to express solidarity with residents and local governments in the region.
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DAVID HARDAKER: Tourism Minister Yitzhak Herzog is a member of the Security Cabinet, and he spoke to AM straight after the decision.
BiographyRabbi Herzog was born in LomzaLomza Lomza is a town in north-eastern Poland, approximately 150 km from Warsaw and 81 km from Bialystok.
WorksRabbi Herzog was recognised as a great rabbinical authority, and he wrote many books and articles dealing with halachic problems surrounding the TorahTorah Torah is a Hebrew word meaning "teaching," "instruction," or "law.
At a troubled time for Israel, President Chaim Herzog came to represent one of the country's few effective unifying forces in the early 1990s, earning respect in most quarters of a divisive society through his high visibility, personal dignity, and political tact.
From Ireland to IsraelChaim Herzog was born in Belfast on September 17, 1918, but immigrated to Palestine at the age of 17 when his father, then chief rabbi of Ireland, was appointed in 1935 spiritual leader of the Jewish homeland.
President Herzog came to represent the conscience and voice of Israel both at home and within the international community.
Since leaving Beit Hanassi in 1993, Herzog has been invited to sit on national and international boards of both commercial and noncommerical organizations and institutions.
Chaim Herzog was born in Dublin, the son of Izhak Halevi Herzog, who was chief rabbi of Ireland and, from 1936 to 1959, of Palestine and later Israel.
Izhak Halevi Herzog was born in Lomza, Poland.
Following the death of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook, Herzog was elected Ashkenazic chief rabbi of Palestine in 1936.
Rabbi Herzog was born in Łomża, Poland, and moved to the United Kingdom with his family in 1898, where they settled in Leeds.
Currently, his grandson Isaac Herzog is a member of the Knesset, Israel's parliament and the country's minister of welfare.
Rabbi Herzog was recognised as a great rabbinical authority, and he wrote many books and articles dealing with halachic problems surrounding the Torah and the State of Israel.
Herzog is a German title of nobility, equivalent to Latin dux, English duke, Danish hertug, Afrikaans Hertog, Dutch Hertog, Icelandic Hertogi, Luxemburgish Herzog, Norwegian Hertug, Swedish Hertig.
Herzog was borrowed into many other languages with the chief meaning of the word being "Duke", such as Russian hertsog, Belarusian hertsag, Ukrainian hertsog, Bulgarian hertsog, Latvian hercogs, Lithuanian hercogas, Estonian hertsog, Finnish herttua, and Hungarian herceg Herzog is not related to Herz ('heart'), but is derived from German(ic) He(e)r ('army') and zog (ziehen) (English: 'to pull, drag'), a military leader.
Herzog met on Sunday with representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs, the National Insurance Institute, the Jewish Agency and officials from the prime minister’s office to discuss the situation of thousands of Holocaust survivors forced to live on their government stipends that barely allow them to make ends meet.
Herzog was presented with the latest figures showing that there are presently 250,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel.
of Belfast, in Northern Ireland, where he served until 1919.
in charge of the financial support for Yeshivot in the Yishuv.
After being tested by him for weeks, Herzog was proclaimed to be one of the world's outstanding Talmudists.
In 1916, Yitzhak Herzog received his first appointment as Rabbi of Belfast, in Northern Ireland, where he served until 1919.
In 1936, Herzog was invited to become Chief Rabbi of Eretz Yisrael.
Herzog was its founding President and in charge of the financial support for Yeshivot in the Yishuv.
Herzog was very popular and respected also by the secular community, above all in the kibbutzim.
17, 1918, Herzog was the second son of Yitzhak Herzog, who was later to become the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of the state of Israel.
Herzog was Ireland's bantamweight boxing champion before immigrating to pre-state Palestine with his family in 1935.
During the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when he was retired from the army and in private life, Herzog took on the same role voluntarily.
After 1967, Herzog was military governor of the West Bank.
Herzog was a Labor Party Knesset member in the 1980s, and, from 1983 to 1993, served as Israel's sixth president.
Herzog is survived by a wife, two sons and a daughter.
Chaim Herzog was born in Ireland in 1918.
military governor of the West Bank.
of the State of Israel in 1983 and served two terms, until 1993.
When Herzog was cabinet secretary during the government of Ehud Barak, he established a committee to work towards egalitarian prayer services at the Wall, considered the most holy site where Jews are allowed to pray.
Herzog was invited to address the annual Israeli Conservative movement's convention on Sunday, but wrote that he regretted he was unable to attend.
Herzog denies the charges but refuses to answer police inquiries.
As a law student in England, Chaim Herzog joined the British Army at the outbreak of World War II, and served as an intelligence officer in the framework of the Allied Forces which defeated Nazi Germany and liberated Western Europe.
During the tense days leading up to the Six Day War, 40 years ago, Chaim Herzog was called upon to broadcast commentary on Kol Israel radio, then practically the only station, which helped reduce the publics anxiety about a comprehensive Arab attack and of an aerial blitz against Israels cities.
It was one of Chaim Herzogs finest hours.
As President of Israel, Chaim Herzog was an outstanding official representative.
Herzog said that while Israel has the strongest military and economy in its region, the country faces a number of challenges, particularly with Iran.
Herzog said that he is glad that world leaders are "finally coming to understand the risks and dangers involved," with Iran.
Herzog said that within the Middle East and the surrounding regions, there are two coalitions, one moderate, and one extreme.
Herzog said that as Minister of Social Affairs, he also sees the full range of domestic challenges facing Israel.
Herzog said that support from Jews across the world is critical in helping to meet those challenges.
ISRAELI Tourism Minister Yitzhak Herzog said today as many as 400 Hezbollah fighters have been killed in three weeks of fighting in Lebanon.
Four hundred of its dead have been counted by US, 400 terrorists killed by the Israeli army, Mr Herzog said in an interview.
Rabbi Herzog Was born in 1888 in Lomza, Poland.
In 1916 Rabbi Herzog was appointed as the Rabbi of Belfast, Ireland; in 1919 he was appointed as the Rabbi of Dublin; and 1925 he was elected as Chief Rabbi of Ireland.
In 1936 Rabbi Herzog was elected as Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Eretz Israel.
important enterprises in Talmudic-Halakhic studies in our generation.
Herzog was among the liberators of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.
establishment of IDF Military intelligence.
Heroes of Israel: Profiles of Jewish Courage (1989.
Herzog was established by his family to perpetuate his memory and legacy.