Minister of Economic Development Claudio Scajola of Italy

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Minister Scajola has been a strong advocate for the Italian re-entry into commercial use of Nuclear power for the generation of electricity.
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MILAN (AFX) - Italian industry minister Claudio Scajola said a merger between Enel SpA and Eni SpA, in which the government holds majority stakes, in not on the agenda.
Speaking at an assembly of Italy's main industrialist grouping, Confindustria, Scajola said a return to nuclear power can no longer be avoided.
ROME (AFX) - Industry Minister Claudio Scajola said he will launch emergency measures to tackle a shortfall in Russian gas imports.
Scajola said he will sign two emergency decrees today and third will be presented at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.
Scajola said the government plans to boost competition in the energy sector and confirmed plans to force Eni SpA to reduce its 50 pct stake in the gas transport company Snam Rete Gas SpA by 2008.
Scajola said that the population are supportive of the government's energy plans and called for international cooperation and harmonisation to facilitate the process.
Scajola said hospitals and schools would be exempt from the decree, which also will seek to reopen power stations capable of running on lower-sulfur fuel oil.
Italy has a further 5-bil cu m of strategic reserves, which Scajola said he is unwilling to touch.
The resignation in Rome of Interior Minister Claudio Scajola is further evidence that the wheels are falling off Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's wagon.
Italian Industry Minister Claudio Scajola said Thursday that the need for energy would force the country to return to building nuclear power plants.
In a speech to members of Confidustria, an industrial employers association, Scajola said we can no longer put off an action plan to return to nuclear power, predicting construction on new plants would begin within five years, ANSA reported.
We find ourselves way behind because of the delays and inefficiencies which followed the last national energy plan 20 years ago, Scajola said in the ANSA report.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = "By Giuseppe Fonte ROME (Reuters) - Italy is close to finding a solution to rescue near-bankrupt airline Alitalia, Industry Minister Claudio Scajola said on Wednesday, without ruling out the possibility of placing it in extraordinary administration.
ROME (Reuters) - Italy is close to finding a solution to rescue near-bankrupt airline Alitalia, Industry Minister Claudio Scajola said on Wednesday, without ruling out the possibility of placing it in extraordinary administration.
In a sign that a move towards extraordinary administration may not be imminent, Scajola said he did not believe the cabinet would review the law governing such operations for troubled firms when it meets on Friday.
There is the need for a new and stronger collaboration among European countries to confront this problem and a European anti-riot force that could manage the phenomenon with the contribution of local police," Scajola was quoted by Italian media as saying.
Scajola has come under fire for Italy's handling of last month's Group of Eight summit in Genoa at which one protester was killed and more than 200 protesters injured in clashes with Italian riot police and carabinieri.
Interior Minister Claudio Scajola said the officers -- Ansoino Andreassi, the deputy chief of police in charge of the G8, Arnaldo La Barbera, head of the anti-terrorism department, and Francesco Colucci, police superintendent of Genoa -- all resigned.
On May 22, Scajola discussed his energy priorities, saying, Only nuclear plants allow the production of clean energy, safely, at low cost, on a large scale, without damaging the environment.
Economic development minister Claudio Scajola has said that, within the next five years, Italy will start to build a nuclear reactor.
Industry Minister Claudio Scajola said on Monday.
Economic Development Minister Claudio Scajola has called for more nuclear power, inciting protests from Italys Green party.
Economic Development Minister Claudio Scajola said earlier this month Italy should start building nuclear plants in five years to ease dependence on energy imports.
We are planning to launch a tender to build a 2 bn euro power plant in September 2008," Italian Economic Development Minister Claudio Scajola said during a visit to Tunisia.
Foreign Minister Renato Ruggiero and Interior Minister Claudio Scajola said they would sit down on Thursday with leaders of the Genoa Social Forum, the umbrella organisation comprising around 700 separate groups including Greenpeace and activists urging the cancellation of poor nations' debt.
Scajola said Berlusconi would travel to Genoa at the weekend to view arrangements on site for the summit, when US.
Claudio Scajola came under attack on the weekend when he told reporters that he gave the order to officers inside the high-security "Red Zone.
Italy’s Industry Minister Claudio Scajola has told the press that Italy is close to a rescue plan for the near-bankrupt airline Alitalia.
Italy has sufficient gas to get through the winter, Industry Minister Claudio Scajola said Thursday.
The situation is a delicate one but there is no reason for alarm for Italy," Scajola said after chairing a meeting of the ministry's emergency gas task force, set up after Russia abruptly cut off supplies to Europe.