Ambassador to the US Giovanni Castellaneta of Italy

Ambassador Castellaneta is also Ambassador of Italy to the Bahamas Islands and Italys Permanent Observer to the Organization of American States in Washington, DC.
Ambassador Castellaneta was Vice Chairman of Finmeccanica and is a member of its Board of Directors on behalf of the Italian Government.
In 2005, Ambassador Castellaneta was decorated Knight of Grand Cross, the highest honor of the Republic of Italy.
The Italian Ambassador, Giovanni Castellaneta has also released a letter expressing his pleasure in extending the Embassy of Italy's patronage to the 10th Annual Festa Italiana.
ambassador does not care to speak any more about Finmeccanica.
The next day, Castellaneta found himself in South Coast Plaza on a tour of Costa Mesa's wealthiest side, and it still felt uncannily like Rome.
Castellaneta said he had heard about South Coast Plaza through his office in Washington, D.
to the US, Giovanni Castellaneta was held at Salvatores Restaurant.
Furthermore, by virtue of his role as deputy chair of Finmeccanica, the Italian defense contractor, Ambassador Castellaneta was securing the Marine One contract -- 23 new helicopters for the president.
organization that oversees the AP program.
Castellaneta is at the crossroads of many of Italy's activities in relation to the more general American-led war on international terrorism," says Francesco Martone, Italian senator from Sardinia for Sinistra Europea and a member of the Foreign Affairs Commission in a telephone interview from his office Rome.
Here too, Castellaneta is the nexus for this collaboration.
It is worth remembering that at the time of the Omar kidnapping, according to Italian media, Pollari and Castellaneta had recently delivered the forged yellowcake dossier to Condoleezza Rice.
Furthermore, by virtue of his role as deputy chair of Finmeccanica, Italy's largest defense firm, Ambassador Castellaneta was in the midst of securing the Marine One contract -- 23 new Italian helicopters for President Bush.
When the Pentagon put the Marine One contract out for bid, Castellaneta was deputy chair of Finmeccanica and national security advisor to Prime Minister Berlusconi.
By the time the contract was awarded, Castellaneta had been appointed Italys ambassador to the United States.
org, an Italian arms control advocacy group, Castellaneta has long managed the most sensitive dossiers in US.
When Ambassador Castellaneta was asked about his role, the embassy press officer, Luca Ferrari said, In his capacity as ambassador, representing all of Italy in the United States, the ambassador does not care to speak any more about Finmeccanica.