Minister of Environment Stefania Prestigiacomo of Italy

Stefania Prestigiacomo is the Italian Enviromental Minister in the Berlusconi IV cabinet.
Stefania Prestigiacomo is a 36 years old, catholic, married, businesswoman.
Stefania PRESTIGIACOMO has been nominated Minister of Environment in the new italian gouvernment of Silvio Berlusconi.
Significant changes are needed," Italian environment minister Stefania Prestigiacomo said on Monday (20 October.
Prestigiacomo was the Minister for Equal Opportunity in the government of then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
MILAN (Thomson Financial) - Italian environment minister Stefania Prestigiacomo said she wants to set a clear timeframe for infrastructure authorisations.
Prestigiacomo said that the various ministerial committees which give environment clearance for intfrastructure projects will soon be reorganised.
The innuendoes against Fini were so strong that Prestigiacomo had to deny newspaper reports that suggested he was supporting the referendum only because he was having an affair with her.
Prestigiacomo said it was not essential, perhaps not even desirable, for the 27-country EU to commit itself to a specific position ahead of the crunch talks in Denmark next year.
Prestigiacomo said she still hoped Italy could achieve its Kyoto target of a 6.