Minister of Education Andrew Holness of Jamaica

Holness said being a family physician is just like a general practioner but the focus is more on the health of an individual, as it relates to a family or an environment, instead of focusing on the individual only.
Holness is also originally from Jamaica and attended the University of West Indies Medical Faculty.
Holness is reported to have said: "As (part of) a new government, I am very cautious of what the public thinks.
Young Holness was not the only one who did not think that he had to get a brand new vehicle.
EDUCATION Minister Andrew Holness has said that very soon no child will be able to sit the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) unless certified literate and numerate.
Holness was contributing to a healthy debate on education in Parliament yesterday.
Holness said that if children who fail at grade four are not promoted, an additional 93 classrooms or 10 more schools would have to be built.
Holness was born on July 22nd, 1972.
JAMAICA LABOUR Party Member of Parliament, Andrew Holness has tabled a number of questions in the House of Representatives on land divestment, which are to be answered by the Minister of Land and Environment.
Holness has asked:Will the Honourable Minister state -(1) Whether or not the Government has changed the policy of using Parish Land Divestment Committees to screen applicants for land benefits - as recommended by the Chang Committee.
Holness says he has written to Superintendent Knight outlining his opposition to the initiative.
That is how Andrew Holness described the sentiment of many Members of Parliament (MP) and indeed more in the society in support of capital punishment.
Holness said at a press conference held at the Ministry's head office in Kingston yesterday (Dec 18), to clarify the issue.
More than half of the Education Transformation Team (ETT), the project charged with modernising the country's education system, will be integrated into the Ministry of Education, having successfully completed their jobs in the ETT, Education Minister Andrew Holness has disclosed.
ORANGE BAY, Hanover- Education Minister Andrew Holness says as of next year the grade four literacy and numeracy test will be administered nationally, in an effort to give the ministry a more accurate reading of the state of literacy in primary schools.
Holness said teaching is more than a profession, describing it as a calling, where the welfare of every pupil must matter.
Education Minister Andrew Holness says the Jamaica School Administrative System (JSAS 7.
Minister of Education, Andrew Holness has hinted that an independent body will be set up to conduct an audit into the operation of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF.
Holness was bemoaning the continuing incidents of reports of extra judiciary killings by the police.
Education Minister, Andrew Holness is warning that unlawful protests on or near schools will not be tolerated.
Holness said he has asked the police to thoroughly investigate any instances where students are involved in unlawful protests.
Holness said where the education ministry determines that school officials have failed to exercise adequate supervision of students in their care sanctions will be applied in keeping with the Education Act.
Education Minister Andrew Holness has outlined a number of guidelines governing auxillary fees in schools.
Holness said that while the ministry agrees that parents have a duty to support the development of schools, no child should be deprived of an education.
Holness says parent teachers associations must also be involved in the setting of auxillary fees.
Speaking with the Observer last week, Holness said the education transformation, like other projects, would come to an end at some point.
interactive whiteboard technology to every primary and high school.
2008-12-18 EDUCATION Minister Andrew Holness is today expected to address reports that the education transformation programme is to be wound up in March next year.
2008-12-18 Education Minister Andrew Holness has confirmed that major changes are coming for t.
2008-12-13 Education Minister Andrew Holness says his ministry is developing the framework for a dedicated 'safe schools patrol' to enhance the existing safe schools programme.
Installing metal detectors will not be the panacea to solve the safety and security challenges that plague Jamaica's public schools, Minister of Education Andrew Holness has warned.
Education Minister Andrew Holness is defending governments decision to absorb aspects of the Education Transformation Team (ETT) into the Ministry of Education, saying it was the prudent thing to do.
Holness said that when this absorption is done, it would lessen the workload of the transformation staff to focus on the projects, which have not been brought to fruition, as well as speed up the process.
Holness said Weeple was aware of his concern that the transformation process was not moving as quickly as it should.
Holness said letters were now being sent out to institutions that have not applied and those with incomplete applications.
Holness said almost 400 early childhood institutions have met these stringent requirements.
Though unable to attend that meeting, Member of Parliament Andrew Holness has given his commitment to support any process of peace.
Holness said many acts of violence go unreported and are usually dealt with internally by the school administration.
Holness said school administrators will be required to report all incidents of violence to the Ministry.