Minister of Finance and the Public Service Audley Shaw of Jamaica

Shaw received the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Degrees in Journalism, with graduate studies in Marketing, Finance and Economics from Northern Illinois University.
Shaw joined the Government-owned Jamaica Promotions Limited, a company dedicated to the promotion of investment in Jamaica by companies from Jamaica and overseas.
Shaw was responsible for the Companys marketing and overseas offices.
Shaw has served in Jamaican politics since 1986.
Shaw has served as Shadow Minister for Information Culture, Public Utilities and Transport, and Industry and Commerce.
Shaw has served as Shadow Minister of Finance and the Public Service since 1997.
Shaw has been a consistent and persistent crusader against corruption in the Public Sector.
Shaw has consistently advocated Good Governance as the only basis to deliver vital services to the people of Jamaica.
Shaw has addressed conferences and audiences in numerous locations overseas, including the United States , Canada , Kenya , Malaysia , Japan , Hong Kong , South Korea , England and the Caribbean region.
Shaw has served as General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party and now serves as Deputy Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party, with responsibility for 14 constituencies in the parishes of St.
Shaw has served as the Member of Parliament for North East Manchester since 1993.
Shaw was born in Christiana, the capital of the constituency.
Shaw has the responsibility to speak on all matters related to the National Budget, Public Debt Management, Tax Administration, Financial Policy and Administration, Macro-Economic Policies, Economic Development, as well as the Management of the Public Sector.
Shaw has overall responsibilities for 14 constituencies in the parishes of St.
Shaw had responsibility for the administration of the Jamaica Labour Party, including the organisation of all constituencies island wide.
Shaw received a Speech and Debate Scholarship to attend Northern Illinois University.
Limited (JNIP) as Director, Public Relations and Advertising.
to serve a third term as Member of Parliament.
Party and is now the Deputy Leader.
Shaw is the recipient of the Donald R.
All Audley Shaw had to do was leave the business and chalk up himself as just another failed businessman.
Shaw was more articulate in his presentation and this gave him a slight edge over Dr.
I found that Audley Shaw was more forceful in putting his arguments together my overall disappointment was that I dont think many of the questions were sufficiently pointed from a financial point of view to pin both parties down to the kind of response so that we could get the issues out in the open, he continued.
today | Ill, After, Meeting, Hospital, Shaw | Audley Shaw rushed to hospital - Finance Minister Audley Shaw was rushed to the.
Wednesday afternoon following a medical emergency.
falling ill during a marathon meeting of Cabinet members.
The President of the NAJ said Shaw promised to double their pay and Shaw said that he made "no such promise" (See 'Shaw denies NAJ charge', September 27, 2007, p.
So if in infidelity there has to be trust, how much more important it is between the rulers and the ruled?Audley Shaw has not said that the tape is an impersonation or that the nurses doctored the tape.
Shaw was replaced as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee because he said he was going to 'pepper' the backside of Dr.
If Shaw is allowed to get away with this denial of what he said to the nurses, how are we to believe other members of the Cabinet? Take, for example, the dispute between the Honourable Karl Samuda, Minister of Industry, and Robert Persaud, Guyana's Minister of Agriculture.
However, if Shaw remains in the Cabinet, then I will have to wonder if Samuda is doing a 'Shaw scuffle.
Audley Shaw has seriously betrayed the trust of the people and should resign.
Shaw said businesses operating locally could not be competitive at the present rates of interest.
Shaw was appointed as Minister of Finance and the Public Service in the new Government of the Jamaica Labour Party.
Omar Davies and Audley Shaw was of a very different character from the first one.
Audley 'man a yard' Shaw had to explain a JLP manifesto that many contend is filled with wild, irresponsible promises.
Opposition Spokesman on Finance Audley Shaw has argued strongly that a new Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) administration would create jobs and ultimately generate growth to pull the country out of its economic woes.
Mandeville, Manchester - Finance Minister Audley Shaw knows that the honeymoon period for the Bruce Golding-led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) government is long gone and that Jamaicans are expectantly waiting.
Shaw described aspects of the existing "bureaucracy" as a major hindrance to business and investment.
Reports reaching the Sunday Herald were that Minister Shaw was flabbergasted with the drastic action taken by the FSC against Cash Plus.
The Honourable Minister Audley Shaw was born in Christiana, Manchester on June 13, 1952.
As a servant of the people, Minister Shaw has been the Member of Parliament for North East Manchester since 1993.
Shaw has served as General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party and has been a Deputy Leader in the Party, since 1999.
FINANCE MINISTER Audley Shaw is predicting that 2009 will be "one of the most challenging in the history of modern Jamaica.
Responding to The Sunday Gleaner as to his expectation for the year ahead, Shaw said the deteriorating world economic climate would adversely affect the country.
Finance Minister Audley Shaw has said the details of the stimulus package, including its financing and fiscal impact, would be addressed in January when the revised budget is tabled.
election to deny him a third consecutive term.
Touching on what was a controversial topic in local racing circles last year, Shaw said he was not sure why divestment of Caymanas Park fell through under the People's National Party (PNP) administration but said "it cannot be business as usual" and ways must be found to attract investment to the huge complex in Portmore, St.
Sticking to the mode of new Prime Minister Bruce Golding, who led the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) to victory over the PNP at the September 3 general election, Shaw said he would not announce any major policy decisions but pointed out the need for monitored continuity.
Minister of Finance and the Public Service Audley Shaw said that while J$6 billion (US$82.
Earlier this year, Mr Shaw said that his ministry would focus on improving collection of taxes due and significantly increasing the collection of arrears due, and would also take steps to widen the tax net by encouraging new entrants into the system.
Mr Shaw said these include reforming the tax structure on tobacco-related products; increasing the special consumption tax (SCT) rate from next Monday; increasing motor vehicle licensing fees by 50 per cent; increasing motor vehicle examination and driver's license fees; and restructuring the motor vehicle tax rate structure.
Speaking on the 2007-08 budget debate on Tuesday, JLP Spokesman on Finance, Audley Shaw said the key components of the opposition's plan for economic recovery would result in the country experiencing economic growth of between six and 10 per cent over the medium to long term.
Shaw said the JLP had discussed the need for a sensible energy policy that can drive the wheels of a competitive industrial base and a revival of the manufacturing sector.