Minister of Energy Clive Mullings of Jamaica

Minister Mullings is a criminal lawyer by profession, and by virtue of his and our own existence in the small island state of Jamaica, he is not counted among those elite criminal lawyers who could be considered the best and most able.
Weeks ago one JLP Cabinet minister said to me, "Mullings has gone to sleep in Energy and so has MacMillan in Security.
With the world struggling and concerned with energy costs and the cleanness of emissions, Minister Mullings is aware like most of US that trying to meet an energy bill of US$1 billion per year, with local demand growing at four per cent per year, would always be the acid test facing all administrations.
His success story is as vast as his private art collection and when he was named PCJ chairman a year ago, I concluded that Mullings was on to something positive.
In the last few weeks, I have detected that Minister Mullings has been giving the impression that he is not much of a team player, and in certain circles in the JLP administration it has been cause for concern.
Is the minister up to the broader objectives set by the prime minister or has he gone 'rogue'? Another minister who did not want to be named said, "Mullings is from PNP stock.
No one is saying that Minister Mullings has no competencies, but at the same time I have not met any of the present crop of JLP ministers who are willing to give me an indication of his strengths.
It is my view that not only was Mr Ian Moore wrongfully dismissed but I am of the impression that Minister Mullings is out of his depth in his present posting.
So what if Minister Mullings should cross the floor as some believe he may do? One junior minister was of the view that Mullings was acting like a team of one because he knows of the prime minister's concerns over the small majority.
Mullings is the odd man out," he said.
Minister Mullings was the guest speaker.
Mullings said the solution to crime will come out of a stronger political will and less forming of police units and passing of legislation.
Mullings said Government's current capacity to scientifically investigate crime is wanting.
Clive Mullings has been named Minister of Mining, Energy and Telecommunications in the new Jamaica Labour Party led Government.
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claims that he is sitting on information which could exonerate North East St.
With what appears to be good youth support and encourage-ment from some of the older folks, Mullings is confident he can blunt the challenge of People's National Party's Francis Tulloch, who many see as a formidable contender.
play, in propelling Jamaica into first world status.
engage and utilize the technology that is available.
roll-out, especially for vehicles which use 87 octane.
Mullings has held the titles of President of the Bar Association, President of the Law Society and Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Western Regional Health Authority.
When the present Minister Clive Mullings was in opposition he was a champion of the consumer but that seems to have been forgotten since he is now government and the man with the power.
Minister of Energy, Mining and Telecommunications, the Hon.
Clive Mullings praised the Jamalco workforce for the job they are doing to ensure that the bauxite/alumina industry remains an important pillar in Jamaica’s development.
Kingston,Jamaica-CliveMullings has been named Minister of Mining, Energy and Telecommunications in the new Jamaica Labour Party led Government.
ImgCaptionArray = 'Jamaica\'s Minister of Energy, Mining, and Telecommunications, Clive Mullings said it\'s time to stop simply reacting to movement in the fuel prices and instead, prepare for it.
Jamaica's Minister of Energy, Mining, and Telecommunications, Clive Mullings said it's time to stop simply reacting to movement in the fuel prices and instead, prepare for it.
Clive Mullings said it's time to stop simply reacting to movement in the fuel prices and instead, prepare for it.
Mr Mullings said that the procurement process could be delayed and also that the government has yet to receive a response from petrol retailers regarding their readiness to start offering the fuel.
Mr Mullings said that the government needs to speed up the process of procuring the equipment needed to manufacture E10 in order to stop further delays in the introduction of the E10-blended fuel.
Mullings said that Jamaica has been exploring for oil, adding that there were possibilities that some would be found.
In his remarks at the launch, Minister of Energy, Mining and Telecommunications, Clive Mullings expressed appreciation for the investment that Flow has made in the country and for assisting the process to move Jamaica to first world status.
Mullings said the growth of the sector will provide opportunities for economic and educational advancement through information and communication technology.
Energy Minister Clive Mullings is expected today to meet with the board of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) following the sacking of its chairman.
Mullings is expected to provide details surrounding the dismissal following this afternoon’s meeting.
Mullings had earlier confirmed that Moore’s services had been terminated with immediate effect.
Jamaica has been hit particularly hard by high oil prices as the cost of importing fuel and crude has started to exceed revenue from the island country's export market, Mullings said during a presentation at the seminar, sponsored by the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC.
Energy Minister, Clive Mullings is threatening to take action against the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), if it does not act decisively against the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) for Wednesday’s islandwide power outage.
Mullings said the government is willing to take the JPs to court to resolve the matter.
In his comments to the House of Representatives minister Mullings said that JPS would implement smart meters for residential customers, as soon as the roll-out for large customers is completed.
Making the disclosure on Tuesday, Mullings said expenditure could amount to nearly $280 million for the distribution of the free bulbs, which involved Cuban and Jamaican personnel.
Jamaica seeking to stagger work hours to reduce energy billKINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC - Energy Minister Clive Mullings says government is looking at the possibility of staggering work hours in the public and private sectors in an attempt to reduce gridlock on the country's roads and conserve fuel.
24-10-08 Energy Minister Clive Mullings is projecting savings of $ 52 mm ($ 3.
This will translate into a $ 2 per litre difference in the price between E10 fuel and regular 87 and 90 fuel at the pumps, Mullings said at the Terra Nova hotel in Kingston to officially announce the rollout of the more environmentally friendly fuel on November 1.
Mullings said it is expected that this community will eventually supply electricity to the national grid.