Governor, Central Bank Derick Milton Latibeaudiere of Jamaica

Latibeaudiere was born on June 9,1951.
Latibeaudiere has also participated in a number of advanced courses in central banking studies and in management, at the IMF Institute, the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland and at Oxford University.
Latibeaudiere joined the staff of the Bank of Jamaica in 1975.
Latibeaudiere is a member of the Board of Air Jamaica Ltd.
Latibeaudiere was awarded the Carlton Alexander Award for Excellence by his alma mater, Jamaica College, and on August 6, 2002 he received the country's fourth highest national award, the Order of Jamaica, for his services to central banking and finance.
Coming on the heels of the BoJ's first interest rate cut for the year, the Governor of the Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) Derick Latibeaudiere took the opportunity yesterday at his first quarterly briefing for this year to announce that he expects inflation.
contribution to central banking and finance.