Minister of Justice Dorothy Lightbourne of Jamaica

with local stakeholders to further discuss the issues.
While the Order Paper, prepared by Gordon House, remains packed with work for the Senate to discuss, Lightbourne has found it possible to serve up the flimsiest of excuses as to why the Senate has not sat for so long.
We have not had any bills come down and members are travelling," Lightbourne is quoted as telling yesterday's Sunday Gleaner.
Yet, Lightbourne has not spoken in the State of the Nation debate, which she has effectively stalled by locking down the Senate for five weeks.
All this time, Lightbourne has decided that there is no need for the Senate to do any work until there is a stockpile.
Minister of Justice and Attorney General Senator Dorothy Lightbourne is taking steps to abolish an 18th-century English common-law principle that says the Government is not responsible for injuries or damage caused from lack of maintenance of roadways.
Senator Lightbourne is acting in response to a report in The Gleaner this month that 53-year-old farmer and mason, Vincent Green, of Allsides district near Warsop, Trelawny, is a victim of the old law.
In a statement issued on the weekend, Attorney General Lightbourne said she had requested Green's file with a view to making an ex-gratia payment to him.
Lightbourne said she wished to convey her sympathies personally, and on behalf of the Government, to Green for his unfortunate circumstances.
Lightbourne said she had also instructed that such files should be brought to her attention for decision.
Lightbourne said that the public service staff orders allow the Department to charge for services carried out on behalf of government or statutory bodies, once this is in keeping with certain guidelines.
Lightbourne said that small business persons, like housewives operating from their homes to supplement the family income, could be prevented from advertising their businesses, although their returns are very low.
Nicholson last month, calling for a debate on the justice system, Senator Lightbourne said this was not the time for debate but for for decisive action.
Senator Lightbourne was the guest speaker.
Dorothy Lightbourne Another first was achieved when Dorothy Lightbourne was appointed the first female Attorney General and Minister of Justice in Jamaica.
As it relates to allegations of human rights violations committed by state agents, Senator Lightbourne said that the Government has taken several steps to ensure transparency and effectiveness in the investigative process, which are in keeping with a recommendation of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR.
Senator Lightbourne is both the attorney general and minister of justice.
DOROTHY LIGHTBOURNE has fumbled yet again.
Opposition Senator Dorothy Lightbourne said Rattray had brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Senate and an enviable ability to remain diplomatic, focused and composed even during tension-filled deliberations.
Opposition senator Dorothy Lightbourne was very critical of the delay in bringing the regulations to parliament.