Minister of Water and Housing Horace Chang of Jamaica

Horace Chang is the Minister of Water and Housing in Jamaica.
Horace Chang is married with two children and was born on 10 November 1952.
2002 re-elected Member of Parliament for North West St.
and Digital Signal Processing from the City College of New York.
Chang said that party's delegates must now be lobbied to choose a leader who can help the party to adapt to the new era.
After graduating from Cornwall College in 1972, Horace Chang was awarded an open scholarship to the University of the West Indies where he studied medicine.
Chang was elected Member of Parliament for Western Hanover.
Chang has also served in other positions in the JLP.
Chang is Member of Parliament for North West St.
solutions are provided for young professionals.
support could be provided for these persons.
law, while at the same time providing adequate shelter for all Jamaicans.
Horace Chang says the first batch of homes will.
Chang said that construction of the 489 units, which are being provided under the Gustav housing project, is well underway, with more than 40 houses being built in various areas all over the island.
The critical strategy in this policy is the expansion and development of joint ventures, Dr Chang said on Wednesday at the handing- over ceremony for Waterworks Housing Development in Westmoreland.
Horace Chang is proposing the pre-testing for HIV before employment.
Beginning in the early 1990s, Taiwanese contractor Horace Chang was licensed to manufacture New Balance shoes for export at his factory in Guangdong Province in mainland China, near Hong Kong.
Chang said he did not know why anyone would be targeting him.
acquired materials to make 460,000 pairs.
Mr Chang says he is concerned about persons building houses in riverbeds and on hillsides, particularly in watershed areas.
does not need to buy new machines.
Chang remains resolute that without training and job opportunities, the numerous illegal guns in idle hands will remain a constant threat to public safety.
Chang is excited to add other mobility enhancements through another product, Infinite Mobile Delivery.
While traveling users would still have the ability to manage messages via phone or laptop, Chang said using Infinite will add convenience since wireless communication enables users to download and see data and messages anywhere.
Chang is also impressed with the integration between CallXpress and RightFax, the proven market leading enterprise fax and e-document delivery solution.
Chang said office workers see up to 30 percent time savings by accessing all their messages from one screen.
While he is not the doctor treating Dyer, Chang was one of the persons allowed into the accident and emergency unit at the hospital.
Chang was speaking at the launch of Jamaica's Solution to Youth Lifestyle and Empowerment's (JA-STYLE) first violence prevention initiative in Flankers, St James, on Wednesday.
Horace Chang says the first batch of homes will be built near Montego Bay.
Chang is in charge of the Government until Prime Minister, Bruce Golding's return from the 29th regular meeting of the conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) being held from July 1 to 4, in Antigua and Barbuda.