Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Investment Karl Samuda of Jamaica

did some research on this samuda chap and one thing seems clear to USWE DONT THINK SAMUDAS ANCESTORS CAME HERE AS SLAVESIF THEY DID THE LESSON IS LOST ON HIM.
Now Karl Samuda has been removed from frontline duties, apparently because of trying to hold discussions about the Party's future.
Just recently Samuda was bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm about discussions and consultations supposedly taking place.
Anyway Samuda has already burnt his bridges to the other side, so it isn't clear that he can do much but grin and bear the ignominy of being officially out of favour with the Emperor.
Samuda is a man with a temper - remember he got into a huff and gave Mr.
Samuda had misled the House, saying that Hylton, chairman of the Port Authority of Jamaica, had submitted a report to Cabinet and former Prime Minister P.
Samuda was born in Kingston, on February 8, 1942.
Samuda is married to Pauline Lecesne, and has three sons.
today | Jamaica, Rice, Hurricane, Said, Samuda | Adequate food items in stock for Hurricane Season -   Commerce Minister Karl Samuda said Jamaica ha.
has an adequate supply of basic food items for the current Hurricane Season.
comfortable position if a Hurricane hits.
and cleared to export scrap metal.
It is a planned operation requiring heavy equipment," Samuda said in reference to the new face that scrap-metal theft has taken on.
But Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister Karl Samuda said efforts are on to cut that time in half in a couple of years.
Meanwhile, Mr Samuda has also advised that in a bid to establish a business-solving facility in the ministry, plans were afoot to re-engage the Facilitation Board, which seeks to address challenges facing businesses by bringing together all key stakeholders.
General Secretary Karl Samuda has ordered an immediate investigation into all circumstances related to the incident and pledged the Partys full cooperation with the police in leaving no stone unturned in unearthing the truth.
Samuda expressed condolences on behalf of the Party to the relatives of Mr.
General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party, the Honourable Karl Samuda, has expressed serious concerns about Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Dr.
Samuda said the $500 million subsidy implemented by the government to suppress increases in basic food items namely counter and baking flour, bulk rice, cooking oil and milk powder.
Samuda said that the prices of the basic commodities have stabilized and in some instances seen decreases.
Samuda is demanding a clear and unequivocal statement from the PNP as to where they stand on the matter, considering there earlier agreement with the governments approach to tackling the problem.
Mr Samuda said the move to obtain rice from a source other than Guyana was in the best interest of consumers.
GEORGETOWN, Guyana: Jamaica’s Minister of Industry and Commerce Karl Samuda has said that his government will buy more rice from Guyana as of next year.
Last year Jamaica bought 50,000 tonnes of rice and Samuda said that his country wants to further strengthen its relations with the Co-operative Republic and commended Guyana for exporting the commodity for 100 years.
That was how Commerce Minister Karl Samuda described the distributive and retail trade, to whom the minister claimed the interests of dairy farmers had been sold out in the 1990s when the country imported milk solids to the short-term benefit of consumers, but to the long-term detriment of the dairy sub-sector.
Industry and Commerce Minister Karl Samuda said Jamaica will not be able to purchase some 32,000 tonnes of rice that the Guyanese government has set aside for the country.
Samuda said the country cannot give a guarantee to purchase the rice since importation of the commodity is done by the private sector on behalf of the government.
Samuda said that, following on the Prime Minister's announcement, the Ministries of Industry, Commerce, Investment; Finance Planning; and Agriculture were mandated to meet and discuss a strategy that would lead to the most effective utilization of these funds.
Outlining the allocations, Samuda said counter flour will be subsidized at a cost of $110.
In the case of milk powder,Samuda said that the decline in the local dairy industry necessitates the importation of the product to satisfy demand.
Additionally,Samuda said the Fair Trade Act gives him absolute awesome powers to investigate in the interest of consumers.
Karl Samuda has served for over two decades as Member of Parliament for North Central St.
Making his presentation to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on Tuesday,Samuda said that this year will mark a turning point in the sustainable development of this vital sector.
Samuda had been here for last week’s rice festival.
The Government Informa-tion Agency (GINA) had earlier reported that Minister Samuda said that last year Jamaica had purchased approximately 50,000 tonnes of rice but in 2009 his country would increase its rice imports to 60,000 tonnes.
By 2010, Samuda said a foundation would be laid for meaningful expansion for Guyana’s exports which should have been there in the first place.
Samuda described the effects of the current global financial crisis on Jamaica and the importance of the private, micro and small business sectors, and he called on banks and entrepreneurs to be more socially responsible.
Despite the setback, Samuda said he was encouraged by discussions with the distributors that should the exchange rate become stable over the next few weeks, there would be reductions.
Samuda said his ministry was satisfied with the measures implemented by the Bank of Jamaica, which has increased the interest rate to curtail the slide of the dollar.
Before yesterday's press briefing, Samuda met with stakeholders from the distributive trade to discuss stabilising prices on food commodities used by Jamaica's most vulnerable.
Commerce and Investment Karl Samuda has alerted Jamaicans to a pending 30% rise in the price of counter flour and a 2o% increase in the price of baking powder.