Deputy Prime Minister Kenneth Baugh of Jamaica

Kenneth Baugh is a Medical Doctor and Consultant Surgeon by profession.
Minister Baugh was born in Montego Bay St.
Kenneth Baugh is married to Vilma and they have two sons, a daughter and eight grandchildren.
With over 30 years experience as a surgeon under his belt, Kenneth Baugh knows the importance of patience during an operation.
Baugh said his main passion was medicine but as the 1970s wore on, he became more socially aware and eventually became a JLP member.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kenneth Baugh says Prime Minister Bruce Golding received the first Jamaican Caricom passport.
Baugh was apparently referring to the constant fighting and bickering within the party that climaxed during the recent race for leadership of the party between Pearnel Charles and Bruce Golding.
What is happening now (within the JLP) is signalling a re-invigorated, re-energised JLP and that is the expectation of the people," Baugh said yesterday.
Baugh said to applause from his party colleagues.
Baugh says EPA has exit clause - JAMAICAOBSERVER.
Commission in London Don Hammond as a great loss.
But Dr Baugh said Jamaica had lost ground in that area over the years.
the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran.
01 September 2008 - The Jamaican Observer Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Dr Kenneth Baugh, has assured the nation that there is an exit clause to the controversial Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAEconomic Partnership Agreements are a scheme to create a free trade area (FTA) between the European Union and the ACP countries.
But reacting to the Opposition's position on the MFN clause, Dr Baugh said that an independent analysis, done by the International Trade Centre, fully supported the position that the MFN provision would not prevent any CARIFORUM country from negotiating free-trade agreements with developing countries and that the clause is not automatic, but subject to consultations before application.
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, and Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Kenneth Baugh said the new agreement "seeks to foster liberalisation and expansion of international air transport opportunities for airlines of both countries, and to promote an international aviation system based on fair competition and commercial considerations in the market place, with the minimum degree of government interference and regulation consistent with fair competition.
Responding specifically to questions relating to the possibility of establishing a high commission in the Bahamas,Baugh said a number of countries were very anxious for the Jamaican government to establish missions in their countries and they have demonstrated their seriousness by investing heavily in Jamaica.
Baugh said his Ministry has joined forces with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Investment to work along with ambassadors and foreign missions in helping to attract serious investment and employment generating projects to Jamaica.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kenneth Baugh says Prime Minister Bruce Golding received the first Jamaican Caricom passport, which holders can use to travel within the Caribbean.
The minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Dr Kenneth Baugh is in Mexico for the 27th meeting of the Foreign ministers of the Rio Group in that country.