Minister of Labor and Social Security Pearnel Charles of Jamaica

Charles was addressing the launch of the Jamaica Employers' Federation's (JEF) State of the Industry Report on Corporate Social Responsibility, and Private Sector Award function on Tuesday (July 22) at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston.
In the meantime, Minister Charles has lauded the JEF for its sterling contributions over the years to the development of the Jamaican labour force.
Pearnel Charles was born in Macedonia, St.
Charles said that the Commission's recommendations were informed by the current rate of inflation, the difficulty faced by minimum wage earners to meet their basic needs, and the implications for those who have to pay the increased wages.
Commenting on the Prime Minister's stimulus package, Minister of Labour and Social Security Pearnel Charles described it as a golden plan for the beginning of a new era, especially for small businesses.
Minister of Labour and Social Security Pearnel Charles said that a part of the safety net programme, which will go hand in hand with the stimulus package announced two weeks ago by Prime Minister Bruce Golding, would be a restructuring of the Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH.
Mr Charles said that since the administration took office, they have removed some of the qualifications that are outlined for persons to get assistance, through the PATH programme.
Commenting on the Prime Minister's stimulus package, Mr Charles described it as a golden plan for the beginning of a new era, especially for small businesses.
The instruction from the Prime Minister is to protect your capital and to protect the Jamaican worker, the Labour Minister stated Pointing out that there are approximately 600 work permits awaiting his approval, Charles said that by this week, he would have perused the lot and all genuine permits will be approved.
Speaking yesterday, during the launch of the programme at the Hilton Kingston hotel in New Kingston, Labour Minister Pearnel Charles said the project was developed as a shortterm labour market intervention to promote youth employment, skills training and development.
Charles said the programme was geared towards ensuring that Jamaican youths had a future in the productive sector, and restoring hope for many despondent youths.
Minister of Labour and Social Security Pearnel Charles says he will be looking into the circumstances that led to the repatriation of 18 Jamaican workers employed to a mushroom farm in Ontario, Canada, under the Temporary Foreign Workers Programme.
However, Charles said the Jamaican Government was told that the workers were sent home because the mushroom crop had been infested with disease.
They were ordered to close down the farm they couldn't process anymore so they were sent home," Charles said he was told by liaison officers in Canada.
Charles said though, that while concerned about the security of jobs of workers in light of the economic difficulties facing some developed countries, Government has been satisfied that "it will be business as usual on the farms.
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Jamaica Labour Jamaica (JLP) Member of Parliament for North Central Clarendon, Pearnel Charles, is denying reports that he and party supporters stoned a polling station in Berkshire, Westmoreland this morning.
Minister Charles said he would be approaching the HEART Trust/NTA and the Jamaica Employers’ Federation, to see what support could be forthcoming in terms of training and employment.
Labour Minister, Pearnel Charles is warning that there will be massive job cuts in the New Year.
Charles says the conditions will only get worse for Jamaica as the global financial crisis worsens.
Charles says the government will be revisiting several aspects of the Programme of Advancement through Health and Education.
Mr Charles is also urging unemployed persons to apply for the ministry#8217;s 'Step to Work' programme, which is aimed at training young people for various categories of jobs.
IanBoyneTO SAY that Pearnel Charles has paid his dues is to be guilty of a gross understatement.
Pearnel Charles is nothing if not doggedly determined, passionately committed and resolutely focused.
Pearnel Charles has no doubt that he is the best man to lead the Jamaica Labour Party after Edward Seaga leaves the political scene.
Pearnel Charles is one of the most personable, likeable and endearing politicians in Jamaica and his relationship with US in the media corps has always been excellent.
Pearnel Charles has been walking that thin line, and in a few short weeks we will see whether he will skid.
As a result, Labour and Social Security Minister Pearnel Charles said the Government will be investing in training in order to prepare persons to take up jobs when they are made available.
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If it could be said that he has 'paid his dues' and done his time, one only need refer to 1976 when Pearnel Charles was detained (and suffered) under the infamous State of Emergency, periods before that when he was an active young politician in the roughness of BITU unionism and, much later in 1992 when JLP street goons loyal to the cause of Opposition Leader Eddie Seaga beat him up and smashed a bottle in his face while a JLP conference was on at the National Arena.
Pearnel Charles has never kept secret his ambition to one day lead the JLP.
Pearnel Charles is sharper than that and must know something that I don't.
Having been exposed to the rough-and-tumble of trade union activity in the BITU, councillorship in the tough West Kingston constituency, nearly a year's detention by the PNP in the infamous 1976 State of Emergency and then being beaten up by JLP political thugs allied to Edward Seaga's stone-footed stance in 1992, Pearnel Charles is very definitely no stranger to the seamier side of Jamaican politics.
Thought by Seaga to be the joker in the JLP card pack, the clown in its circus act and the case study in the Peter Principle, Pearnel Charles has had more manure shovelled at him by the leader of the party than any other JLP person save for those whose principles dictated them moving away and out of the party to salvage their integrity and whatever sanity was left in them.
In this head game, Seaga has always triumphed, while an easily predictable Charles has fumed, complained and beaten up himself out of earshot of his supreme commander, a man whom he has disliked at times because Seaga never did see it fit to tuck in Pearnel one night and say, 'sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.
With all of the political problems that Pearnel Charles has faced in his career, he has probably never thought to himself that he has done well and that the present times are opportune ones to pack in his oversized ego and lend support to the party at a level where his talents will be better served.
the dispute when he heard a report on RJR.
settle the matter, however, the JIO said it was not prepared to so.
today | Minister, Prime, Family, Said, Members | Gov’t to oversee funeral arrangements for slain toddler -   Labour Minister Pearnel Charles said a commit.
Minister of Labour and Social Security, Pearnel Charles has said that the island wide assessment of household damage caused by Hurricane Dean has been completed.
Labor Minister Pearnel Charles has called for a meeting between.
company in the central parish of Clarendon.
Mr Charles said that the government is offering support, where possible, in terms of keeping the contributory arrangements covering the workers medical schemes intact; making similar arrangements to extend educational funding for their children normally included in labour agreements; and to provide assistance through the Ministry of Industry, Investments and Commerce in investing in small business opportunities.
On another matter, Charles said the Government would revisit the discussion on flexible working arrangements.