Minister of Health and Environment Rudyard Spencer of Jamaica

Health and Environment Minister Rudyard Spencer said security at the Bellevue hospital in Kingston would be increased following a robbery at the facility on Wednesday night.
KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS): Minister of Health, Rudyard Spencer has revealed that Jamaica is leading the Caribbean in the fight against AIDS, having reduced the prevalence rate of HIV in Jamaica to about 1.
seriously in moving the discussion forward.
Rudyard Spencer was born in Grange Hill, Westmoreland on February 3, 1944.
Minister of Health and Environment, Rudyard Spencer said the move towards the abolition of user fees comes as government pays special attention to the primary health care system.
Mr Spencer said there was a need to reposition the primary health care sector since it is foundation of a good health system across the island.
5 per cent, the country's Minister of Health Rudyard Spencer has reported.
Email To FriendPrint VersionKINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS): Minister of Health, Rudyard Spencer has revealed that Jamaica is leading the Caribbean in the fight against AIDS, having reduced the prevalence rate of HIV in Jamaica to about 1.
Speaking on Monday, at the opening of a two-day regional sanitation workshop in Kingston,Spencer said that sanitation may very well be one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated areas in public policy.
Health and Environment Minister Rudyard Spencer has expressed disgust at what he calls the appalling state of the Noel Holmes Public General Hospital in Lucea, Hanover.
Spencer was accompanied on a tour of the institution by Permanent Secretary Dr.
Minister of Health, Honorable Rudyard Spencer was represented by Mrs Faye Bell, Chairman of the Board of the Mandeville Regional Hospital who read his message.
Minister Spencer said the nation will be depending the nurses to continue to lead the charge to combat the surge in non-communicable diseases, which have the potential to undermine our development.
Minister Spencer said his Ministry had identified some $17million to begin a phased restoration of damaged sections of the Lionel Town hospital.
We have also retained a certain amount to assist in the purchasing of some critical items that we will need so that when they descend upon those facilities, we will have these things in place," Spencer said yesterday at a press conference, held at the Ministry of Health's downtown Kingston head offices.
Spencer said $40 million has been allocated for the purchase of small equipment and medical supplies such as stethoscopes, examination lamps, nebulisers, wheelchairs, blood glucose-testing machines and autoclaves.
The Gleaner yesterday, Minister of Health Rudyard Spencer says.
Speaking with The Gleaner yesterday, Minister of Health Rudyard Spencer says while insured persons would not be required to co-pay for services, insurance companies will still be billed to cover a portion of the cost.
However, Spencer has rubbished that argument.
Disgraceful, unfriendly and not fit for persons to work in and prepare food for others, was how Minister of Health Rudyard Spencer described conditions at the Linstead Hospital's kitchen, St Catherine.
Spencer said that the acquisition would form an integral part of the Government's strategy in improving health, especially in the area of trauma.
HEALTH and Environment Minister Rudyard Spencer will this morning sit down with a group of chief executive officers (CEOs) and senior medical officers (SMOs) of public hospitals to discuss matters relating to the quality of health care that is provided to the public.
Minister Spencer expressed concerns about the number of persons who are dissatisfied with the level of care they received and the slow pace at which their complaints are being investigated.
A release from the Ministry of Health yesterday said, Minister of Health and Environment, Rudyard Spencer has established a committee of inquiry in light of the complaints and allegations received.
In addition, Spencer said the ministry was considering a request for early retirement by Hazel Waite, the chief executive officer at the chest hospital.
Spencer is an Anglican and he has three children.
a Senate one to investigate the idea.
government is relying on the committee and not influencing its recommendation.
The Ministry strongly condemns this attack and hopes the perpetrators will be brought to justice swiftly, Minister Spencer said while on tour of the area this morning.
In sharing the governments commitment to removing the financial barriers that restricts individuals from getting the desired care, Minister Spencer was clear in outlining that the rehabilitation of Jamaicas health plants was critical to the improved access sought.
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Minister Spencer said that the facility, which is the only psychiatric hospital in the island, has an outstanding record of excellent work in its field that has contributed much to academia, public policy and service delivery, and asked that the work be completed on time and within budget.
In the meantime, Minister Spencer said that there was need for a more aggressive programme that will make a major impact on improving the quality of service delivery at both the primary and secondary health care levels.
Health and Environment Minister Rudyard Spencer has said that concerns raised in media reports that the government is moving to “fast track” legislation to legalise abortion in Jamaica had no basis.
Speaking to journalists at a media briefing at Jamaica House on Friday, Spencer said contrary to the reports, no Bill to this effect had been tabled in Parliament, adding that the government was “neither pro nor anti-abortion” at this time.
Spencer said the process of deliberations and discussions will also incorporate public fora, to be undertaken island-wide, for which the services of a facilitator have been secured.
Responding to questions about how the matter would be treated by the House after the deliberations, and the likely decision to be taken, Spencer said he expected the members to take a conscience vote on it.
Jamaicas Health Minister Rudyard Spencer says the Head of the National Health Fund, Ray Barrett was fired because he was not transparent in his undertakings.
Health Minister Rudyard Spencer says doctors who are found to be operating illegally in Jamaica will be taken from the system and prosecuted.