Minister of National Security Trevor Macmillan of Jamaica

According to a highly placed source, the decision to appoint MacMillan was finalised at a meeting yesterday attended by Prime Minister Bruce Golding.
MacMillan was appointed chairman of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica's Standing Committee on National Security (SCNS), effective November 25, 2005.
Long before the 2007 general elections, MacMillan was appointed to the Senate by the then Opposition Jamaica Labour Party.
MacMillan takes up the reins of the security ministry at a time when at least a dozen gang wars in the Corporate Area have stretched the security forces close to their limit.
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Minister of National Security, Colonel Trevor MacMillan MacMillan has an excellent place to start if he is to succeed in his new assignment: His own crime report commissioned by his boss, then Opposition Leader Bruce Golding and finalised as Road Map to a Safe and Secure Jamaica (2006.
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Let me be very clear, that this Government will not hesitate to respond with the full force of the law to bring this situation under control and ensure that stability is restored to the entire country," Macmillan said in his first statement after being sworn in by the president of the Senate yesterday.
comTuesday, December 16, 2008National Security Minister Colonel Trevor MacMillan has responded with a flat no to a suggestion from Dr Peter Phillips that the Government should consider declaring a state of emergency to deal with Jamaica's spiralling crime rate.
In fact, I don't support a state of emergency for many reasons, which I do not want to go into at this time," MacMillan said yesterday in an interview with the Observer, a day after Phillips' view was aired on Radio Jamaica's weekly news review programme, That's A Wrap, hosted by Earl Moxam.
Colonel MacMillan said he was elated when he was approached for the job, and that he is looking forward to going back to the senate.
When he was named commissioner of police in 1993, politicians and civic leaders agreed that Colonel MacMillan was the right man for the job.
KINGSTON, Jamaica, January 2, 2009 - Jamaica's Minister of National Security, Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillan says the government is moving swiftly to introduce modern technology, as one of its chief weapons in the fight against crime.
Speaking at a function this week at the May Pen Police Station to launch the introduction of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitoring system in the town, Minister MacMillan said the widescale use of modern technology will be pivotal in addressing the crime problem plaguing the nation, as outdated methods have proven to be ineffective, and will have to be shelved.
Trevor MacMillan is not Superman; is not a miracle worker.
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Colonel Trevor MacMillan was sworn in this morning as a government Senator and National Security Minister in a ceremony at Kings House.
MacMillan says the facility will be the first major investment undertaken in the island's prison system in over 200 years.
MacMillan said efforts to expand the island's correctional infrastructure, are critical to the rehabilitation of inmates, describing it as more than just the construction of another prison.
Opposition Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillan has called for whistle-blower legislation for the police force to weed out corrupt cops, arguing that the elimination of corruption in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) would go a far way in solving the problem of crime in Jamaica.
The Jamaica Gleaner reported that MacMillan said that the upsurge in criminal violence, in particular attacks against women and children, has left most Jamaicans fearful.
MacMillan has linked 80 percent of the killings to an estimated 200 gangs which, he said, are directly connected to a global criminal network which not only controls the trade in illicit drugs, but the growing trade in human trafficking as well.
National Security Minister Colonel Trevor MacMillan is insisting that the Government will not bend under pressure from interest groups who have been criticising some of its recently proposed anti-crime initiatives.
Addressing journalists after a ceremony to honour correctional officers at the Terra Nova Hotel in St Andrew yesterday, MacMillan said Jamaicans must accept change.
In defending the Government's anti-crime strategies yesterday, MacMillan said the crime measures were designed to remove some of the criminals and evil people out of a particular area, so that the security forces and social intervention activists could move in and rehabilitate the communities.
MacMillan was against a civilian board as the best way to go about the issuing of licences, and feared that they might get bogged down in details.
National Security Minister Colonel Trevor MacMillan says the failing human-rights grade Jamaica has received on the international stage has made it extremely difficult for the Government to purchase arms for the security forces.
According to an article in the Wednesday Gleaner, MacMillan said he wanted the security forces to be tough.
JAMAICA-CRIME-National Security Minister calls on citizens to assist police KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC - National Security Minister Colonel Trevor MacMillan has urged Jamaicans to help police curb the country's growing murder.