State Minister for Regulatory and Civil Service Reform Akira Amari of Japan

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Original source: World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2007
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In the Cabinet of Prime Minister Taro Aso, appointed on 24 September 2008, Amari was appointed as Minister of State in charge of Administrative Reform.
Japans Economic, Trade and Industry Minister Akira Amari is surrounded by journalists as he enters the World Trade Organisation (WTO) headquarters on the second week of crucial trade talks on July 28, 2008.
Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Akira Amari said Sept.
Japanese Trade Minister Akira Amari expressed confidence in efforts by the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to carry out economic reform Friday at an event co-sponsored by Japan External Trade Organization and Japan America Society of Southern California at the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.
As part of economic reform, Amari said the Abe Cabinet will not ignore the existence of a disparity in economic power between the local governments and the central government in Japan.
In addition, Amari said even if the number of laborers declines, there are other ways to maintain the economic growth.
Amari said that the deadline on the $2bn deal had been extended many times previously and felt Iran wasn't in a position to terminate the contract so easily.
They need to understand there are many examples of success,'' Amari said at a news conference, when asked about Japan's stance on stalled market liberalization talks under the World Trade Organization.
Amari said companies will not consider investing in developing nations if they do not have supporting industries and tariffs are high, making it more costly to import parts, for example.
Amari said he wants to play a role in narrowing gaps in positions on trade liberalization between developed and developing economies, especially in light of tariff cuts in industrial products, when he hosts a meeting with developing nations on the sidelines of the July 5-6 trade ministerial gathering in Australia of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.
Now that the four influential trade powers failed to break the impasse over the WTO's Doha Round, Amari said that no one, including Japan, ''can afford to just sit and watch'' the multilateral negotiation process at the WTO's headquarters in Geneva as the year-end deadline to end the round draws closer.
Amari said that the 11 nations meeting in Aomori together consume 65 percent of world energy while also releasing 65 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions.
Wakabayashi spoke of the agreement at the news conference, held shortly after he and Japan's trade minister Akira Amari had talks with EU trade chief Peter Mandelson.
Akira Amari has called Ministers of G-8, to work for curbing the record oil prices.
Amari is seen as a leading parliament member well-acquainted with commerce and industry groups, who has pursued natural resources diplomacy such as signing a deal in April to boost imports of uranium from Kazakhstan.
Amari has previously served as acting chairman of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's Policy Research Council.
Amari was first elected to the Lower House in 1983 and is currently serving his eighth term as a representative from Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo.
Mr Amari says the operator of the closed plant had told him there would be enough power if summer temperatures were average, but there may be shortages if it got too hot.
earthquake last week, Trade Minister Akira Amari said.
dominating its resources," Amari said in an interview.
Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman and Japanese Minister of Economy Trade and Industry Akira Amari said their countries will collaborate on various aspects of the civilian nuclear fuel cycle.
Bodman and Amari said the new plan will focus on research and development activities under the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership initiative, advanced by the United States.
To ensure mutual energy security and address global climate change, Bodman and Amari said both sides recognize they must improve energy efficiency and diversify their energy mix.
Japan may find it difficult to achieve its target of increasing output from overseas oil assets to 40% of its consumption by 2030 without Azadegan, Amari said on Sept.
Japans trade supremo Akira Amari has ruled out opening up the countrys rice market in a free trade agreement with Australia, saying Japans aim is to secure a deal that covers "90 per cent" of trade between the two countries.
TOKYO, June 13 (AP) - (Kyodo)(EDS: ADDING DETAILS) Japanese industry minister Akira Amari said Friday he will take part in an urgently-convened international oil meeting in Saudi Arabia later this month to discuss how to deal with record-high crude oil prices.
I definitely have to go," Amari said at a regular news conference at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, adding that Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda has also been invited to the June 22 meeting.
Amari said it remains unclear whether Fukuda can attend the meeting as the premier has many important domestic issues to attend to at that time.