State Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy Kaoru Yosano of Japan

Yosano was Chief Cabinet Secretary to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe from August 2007 to September 2007 and is currently State Minister in charge of Economic and Fiscal Policy.
Yosano was appointed as State Minister in charge of Economic and Fiscal Policy on August 1, 2008.
Yosano is known for advocating an increase in the consumption tax to reconstruct the nation's debt-ridden fiscal structure.
Kaoru Yosano is a business executive.
TOKYO (AFP) -- Japan plans to sharply increase the ceiling on public funds that can be injected into ailing banks from two to 10 trillion yen (110 billion dollars), economic and fiscal policy minister Kaoru Yosano said Sunday.
TOKYO (AFP) -- Japan will sharply increase the maximum amount of public funds that can be injected into ailing domestic banks from two to 10 trillion yen (110 billion dollars), economic and fiscal policy minister Kaoru Yosano said Sunday.
Japan Picks Ex-Leader To Find Way Out of CrisisBy STEPHANIE STROMKiichi Miyazawa, veteran Japanese politician who was forced out of office as Prime Minister five years ago, is named Finance Minister and charged with steering country out of its worst financial crisis in decades; Miyazawa oversaw growth of Japan's 'bubble economy' in late 1980's as Finance Minister; he has worked closely with American financial officials over four decades; world financial markets greet rumors of his appointment with cautious optimism; Japanese news reports state that Keizo Obu.
This is a pretty honest view from a government," Economy Minister Kaoru Yosano said at a regular press conference.
Economics its capital, people familiar with Minister Kaoru Yosano said the the matter have said.
World markets continue to slide amid US.
TOKYO, Nov 18 (UPI) -- The Japanese economy, already in recession, may contract further in the next fiscal year, the government indicated Tuesday.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " (For more stories on the financial crisis click ) By Yuko Yoshikawa and Yuzo Saeki TOKYO, Dec 26 (Reuters) - Japan's economics minister cast doubt on whether a superloose monetary policy known as quantitative easing would revive bank.
TOKYO -(Dow Jones)- Japanese economic policy shouldn't be based on the assumption that long-term interest rates will stay below nominal gross domestic product growth for long, Economy Minister Kaoru Yosano said Friday.
It's nice that long-term rates are now lower than nominal GDP growth" as that keeps the cost of financing Japan's public debt low, Yosano said in a regular press conference.
Yosano has repeatedly said this assumption is too optimistic.
But Japans Economics Minister Kaoru Yosano said he doubted that any so-called quantitative easing by the Bank of Japan would directly lead to an increase in loans to companies to get the economy moving again.
Facing the worst international economic environment in more than eight decades, Yosano said his government would act flexibly on possible additional spending measures if conditions deteriorated further.
Silobreaker: Japan's Yosano says Aso hoping for BOJ move 50 mi.
and said last month he favoured higher Japanese interest rates.
allowing opposition parties to stall legislation there.
impact on the economy," Yosano said in a speech last month.
returns on a huge pool of savings held by householders.
Yosano was speaking to reporters after a series of meetings with business leaders, including Fujio Mitarai, head of the nation's most powerful business lobby Japan Business Federation, and Tokyo Stock Exchange President Atsushi Saito.
TOKYO -(Dow Jones)- Japanese economy and banking minister Kaoru Yosano said Friday that gross domestic product data for the July-September quarter out in the morning back up the government view that the economy is recovering gradually.
Yosano was speaking at a regular press conference after a morning Cabinet meeting.
However, Yosano said the government must closely watch how crude oil price movements could effect domestic and overseas economies ahead.
Japanese Economy Minister Kaoru Yosano said Friday that the Bank of Japan's policy rate decision can serve as a message to financial markets.
In his remarks Minister Yosano described current efforts to revitalize the Japanese economy, with a particular emphasis on supply side reforms.
In respect to Japan's global economic policies, Minister Yosano expressed his strong belief that Japan-US relations are central to Japanese international economic relations.
government will evaluate the bank's decisions highly.
Yosano says too early to discuss BOJ rate rise - Boston.
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Economics Minister Kaoru Yosano said on Sunday it was too early to discuss when the Bank of Japan could begin raising interest rates, but said it would eventually have to happen to normalize the economy.
Yosano has been supportive of the BOJ's move to end its ultra-easy policy.
On the economy, Yosano said the threat of a deflationary spiral had ended and Japan was moving toward emerging from deflation.
TOKYO, Dec 5 - Japanese Economics Minister Kaoru Yosano said on Friday he welcomed interest rate cuts by the Bank of England and the European Central Bank, saying the moves should have a favourable impact on the Japanese economy.
Asked about the possible impact on the yen, Yosano said interest rate differentials alone could not determine currency rates.
Japan's Yosano says stable long-term interest rates critical to fiscal reform - Forbes.
Yosano has previously appeared sympathetic with the monetary policy management by the Bank of Japan, saying yesterday that making any policy shift is 'purely the jurisdiction of the BoJ.
While optimism is growing that the Japanese economy is now stepping closer to win a decade-long battle with deflation sooner rather than later, Yosano said surging crude oil prices should also be watched closely.
Yosano said on Friday that the government will act flexibly on possible further fiscal measures if economic conditions worsen.
TOKYO, Sept 5 (Reuters) - Japan's Economy Minister Kaoru Yosano said on Friday Japan's economy will only recover once overseas economic conditions improve.
Yosano was born the daughter of a rich merchant in Sakai, Osaka.
During the Taishō period, Yosano turned her attention to social commentary, with Hito obyobi Onna to shite (As a Human and as a Woman), Gekido no Naka o Iku。 (Going through Turbulent Times) and her autobiography Akarumi e (To the Light.
Yosano has pushed for the Japanese government to curb its hugh public debt, while Aso has said that increasing state spending to stimulate growth is more important in difficult economic times.
A leadership election is a chance for the LDP to show the people what it is thinking, what its stance is,” Yosano said in a television interview.
Later Yosano was exposed to politics as Nakasone's aide.
In "Kokuryoku Kaigi," Yosano expresses his confidence that Americaninfluence in world affairs will not decline but he warns that the restof the world should not expect the US to solve every problem.