Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Kazuyoshi Kaneko of Japan

Kaneko said the government needs to weigh the need to apply regulations the same way to everyone inside and outside the country against the need to protect national security.
As the minister in charge of road construction, Kaneko said it was important to continue building roads the nation needs.
TOKYO, Nov 14 (AP) - (Kyodo)The government will review its dam construction projects in the wake of recent calls from local governors for a halt to some of them, land minister Kazuyoshi Kaneko said Friday.
Kaneko said he will step up urging ministry officials to work out details of the ministry's review of the dam projects.
Kaneko took over the post earlier this week after his predecessor, Nariaki Nakayama, was forced to resign only four days into the job after making several verbal gaffes.
TOKYO, Oct 29 (AP) - (Kyodo)Transport minister Kazuyoshi Kaneko said Wednesday that highway tolls outside of the Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan areas will be basically reduced to a maximum of 1,000 yen on holidays and cut by around 30 percent on weekdays.
Kaneko said he would like to see the new rates implemented for two years after the budget is passed.
Kaneko said the latest discount plan is separate from the envisioned outlay of 2.
Former reform minister Kazuyoshi Kaneko has been picked to replace Mr Nakayama.
Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kazuyoshi Kaneko has weighed into the debate swirling around plans for a picturesque bay in Setonaikai National Park, siding with local residents against proposed reclamation plans by the local government.