State Minister for Consumer Protection, Science and Technology Policy, and Food Safety Seiko Noda of Japan

Noda was appointed as State Minister in charge of Consumer Affairs by Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda on August 1, 2008.
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Currently Noda is being badly attacked again, on 2ch.
but with the way that noda is going about this there may be a new law for this.
When Noda was named posts and telecommunications minister in July last year, she became Japan's youngest cabinet member ever.
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Noda was the one LDP Lower House memberor one of possibly twoassigned with the responsibility to use her time to draw out answers that assure the public that the government bill was not too lenient, not too heavy-handed, but just right.
In any case, Ms, Noda was bound by party loyalty if not necessarily personal convictionthough I have no reason to doubt her then sincerityto proceed under the assumption that, properly regulatedwhich being the amendment billthe maruchi shoho industry (business model, actually) could in fact contribute to the wholesome development of the national economy.
Seiko Noda, the state minister in charge of consumer affairs, said Friday that networking marketer Amway Japan Ltd.
During the House of Councilors Budget Committee meeting Thursday, Noda said she asked questions in a Diet committee 12 years ago in favor of the multilevel marketing industry, arguing that one-sided criticism against it might discourage the creation of a new industry.
A granddaughter of a former construction minister, Noda is serving her fifth term as a House of Representative.
Sato's great decision (to agree to change her constituency) lies behind the party's arrangement," Noda said at a press conference at the LDP's head office in Tokyo.
Noda said she now worries more about getting the job done than the future of the Liberal Democratic Party.
Noda was momentarily ousted from the party in 2005 when she opposed then-Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumis plans to privatize the postalsystem.
the future of the Liberal Democratic Party.
Junichiro Koizumi's plans to privatize the postal system.
While denying at a press conference Friday that she raised questions at the Diet in the industry's favor upon its request or in exchange for political donations from the industry, Noda said she will soon return the funds to Amway Japan, the Japan affiliate of Amway Corp.
Noda said she has completed checks on her ticket sales to the multi- level marketing industry in 2000 and later but an investigation is still under way into such sales in 1999 and before.
When asked if she felt awkward about coming to the shrine while Fukuda did not, Noda said his decision was based on his opinion and the Cabinet was not told to refrain.
party panel hoped to submit a bill to parliament next year.
Noda is very popular and has completely recovered from being expelled by the LDP leadership during for opposing then PM Koizumis privatization of Japan Post.
Noda is a member of PM Fukudas Cabinet which is something that Ms.
Neither Yuriko Koike nor Seiko Noda has a chance to be the PM.
Noda was kicked out of LDP by former PM Koizumi, and has just come back to the party a year ago.
Noda is just representing the local interests of her constituency.
minister and has a strong popularity base as an advocate for consumer rights.