State Minister for Declining Birthrate and Gender Equality Yuko Obuchi of Japan

Born and raised in Tokyo, Obuchi is waging a "grassroots campaign" in which she rides a campaign car and shakes hands with supporters all day long, he stressed.
But most voters in the Gunma constituency said they believe Obuchi has a clear advantage over other candidates, even with her lack of political experience.
Prime Minister Obuchi was instrumental in Okinawa’s selection as the site for last July’s G-8 (Group of Eight) Summit.
never been elected to public office.
A nephew of the late Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi was found guilty and handed a suspended one-year prison sentence Friday for embezzling ¥12 million in wages for Chinese students working in Japan as trainees.
Japan Times House of Representatives member Yuko Obuchi of the Liberal Democratic Party gave birth to a 3.
As Japan's prime minister (1998 2000), Obuchi had to deal with Japan's flagging economy and the related Asian economic crisis.
Known for his quiet, self-effacing style, Obuchi was able to help stabilize Japan's faltering economy and calm its divisive political wrangling.
In Apr, 2000, after being incapacitated by a stroke, Obuchi was replaced as prime minister by Yoshiro Mori.
Obuchi was known in Japan as gakeppuchi Obuchi (崖っぷち小渕) "Obuchi on the brink," because of the precarious state of Japan's economy.
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Yuko Obuchi is saying that her election is the best birthday present possible for her father.
Obuchi married a 33-year-old Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc.
Obuchi was when he inherited the seat after his own father died.
Yuko Obuchi is former prime minister Keizo Obuchi's 34 year old daughter.
Investigators have determined the envelope addressed to Ms Obuchi was sent from a post office in Osaka, western Japan.
Japanese newspapers said Ms Obuchi had also received several threatening postcards.
Stories: NewsBrowse News Stories: Previous Story | Next Story Statue of Keizo Obuchi unveiledDate Posted: 2001-05-04A bronze statue of late Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi was unveiled in a ceremony at the International Friendship Hall adjacent to Busena Resort, Sunday, the site of the Okinawa G8 Summit last July.
Obuchi is widely credited for pushing through the idea of having the leaders of the world’s eight richest countries and Russia to come to Okinawa.
According to Sadao Nishimura, a professor at the University of the Ryukyus, the statue looks like Obuchi is gently talking to people of Okinawa with his soft face and his hands open forward.
IN MANY ways, Keizo Obuchi was an exemplary modern Japanese prime minister - a stolid, unimaginative man who rose to high office not through any.
Japanese prime minister Keizo Obuchi has helped guide his country through its economic problems with an array of political measures, but he now must.
At 26, Ms Obuchi is not an economist or a public servant or an entrepreneur.
Now, Yuko Obuchi is married and has a 1 year old boy.
Obuchi was known in Japan as gakeppuchi Obuchi (崖っぷち小渕) "Obuchi on the brink," because of the precarious state of Japan's economy.
The way in which the government avoided commenting honestly on Obuchi's serious medical condition, and for political reasons presented the situation as one in which Obuchi was still in control, brought negative criticism on the governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP.
Obuchi married environmental essayist Chizuko Ono in 1967.
Obuchi was a great fan of the works of the late historical novelist Ryotaro Shiba, and a particular admirer of Ryoma Sakamoto, a key figure in the events leading to the Meiji Restoration.
obuchi has been able to keep her foot out of her mouth.
Takashi Sasagawa, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's General Council, said LDP Lower House member Yuko Obuchi was chosen as state minister in charge of tackling declining childbirths because she is a mother.