Minister of Political Development and Judicial Affairs Kamal Nasser of Jordan

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Nasser was born in Gaza to a family from Bir Zeit near Ramallah.
Nasser was assassinated by IDF commandos in the 1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon (Operation Spring of Youth), on the night of April 9/April 10, 1973.
Kamal Nasser was born in Gaza to a Bir Zayt family.
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Nasser was PLO spokesman and member of the PLO Executive Committee.
massacre but was killed just the same.
Nicola Nasser was born in 1943 in Birzeit, north of Ramallah in the West Bank of River Jordan, where he completed his high school education.
Nicola Nasser is married, has three boys and two daughters with three grandchildren.
Kamal Nasser was a prime example of this.
threat to his own plans to pioneer Arab unity.
Nasser was assassinated in his Beirut apartment in April, 1973.
When Kamal Nasser is voicing PLO propaganda, he is a "freedom fighter", as soon as he gets what he deserves he is suddenly just an "intellectual" and a "poet", as if he was killed for writing a book.