Minister of the Environment Khalid Al Irani of Jordan

Khalid Al Irani chaired Monday meeting that focused on 'Financ.
Khalid Al Irani chaired Monday meeting that focused on 'Financing The Environmental Programs and Partnership of the Private and Public Sectors.
Al-Irani said that the Ministry of Environment is developing a national strategy to raise awareness on the environment in the area of agriculture in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and the relevant authorities in order to lay a basis for an awareness action in line with the Royal directives to develop an integrated agricultural reality that adopts advanced scientific methods to upgrade the Jordanian agriculture.
Irani said the unlicensed landfill breached several environmental laws, adding that it emitted foul odours, raising complaints from residents living in neighbouring areas.
Zarqa’s environmental situation is miserable due to the accumulation of environmental problems over the past fifty years, necessitating the government to take several measures to curb pollution in Zarqa which includes more than half of the Kingdom’s industries,” Irani said yesterday in a ministry press statement.