Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communication Nasser Judeh of Jordan

The government spokesperson Nasser Judeh is named state minister for media and communication.
Judeh said the victims and the gunman were all Arabs and officials don't consider the shooting an act of terrorism.
It is based on individual allegations, unobjective foundation and wrong conclusions," State Minister for Information Nasser Judeh said on Tuesday.
Judeh said Jordan hopes that "such reports in the future would be based on accurate and objective information, instead of relaying on individual information and take them for granted as facts.
Judeh said Jordan is a party to the UN.
Nasser Judeh is the former information minister in Jordan.
Government Spokesperson Nasser Judeh said Jordan has a 'strong commitment' to increase press freedom in the country in reference to an index released last week by an international press watchdog, reported The Peninsula.
Judeh said the government 'will thoroughly study the index' and provide a response.
During his keynote speech, His Excellency Judeh expressed his gratitude to be invited to patron the event, praising the Association's significant role in the advertising and marketing communications industry and stressing on the importance of the cooperation between different sectors in order to raise the bar of advertising and media industry to the highest levels.
Judeh said several policemen sustained "light to medium injuries" during the clashes that lasted several hours before police took control of Qafqafa jail.
At a press conference Wednesday, Jordanian Information Minister Nasser Judeh said meetings between senior Hamas officials and Jordan's Intelligence chief Mohammed al-Dahabi were meant to solve pending security issues.
summit called for by Qatar to discuss the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Nasser Judeh said on Tuesday.
punishment being carried out against Palestinian civilians, the Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communication Nasser Judeh said in a statement.
Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Nasser Judeh was quoted as saying that we condemned this aggression which would have very serious consequences and adversely affects the.
Judeh said a field hospital ordered.
Amman - The Jordanian authorities have arrested four people, including two members of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), in connection with a suspected plot to carry out acts of terrorism, the government's official spokesman Nasser Judeh said Tuesday.
The four men were detained against the background of an activity that targets the state's security, and not in connection with practices relating to the municipal elections," Judeh said at a weekly media briefing.
Judeh denied IAF charges that the government was targeting Islamists ahead of the municipal and parliamentary elections, but criticised statements by certain IAF leaders "which do not serve any body.
Judeh said the smuggled items were seized in cooperation with the Customs Department.
fail to vote for Prince Zeid, but “lobbied for another candidate.
Jordan is signatory to the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment,” Judeh said in the statement.
AMMAN - In light of harsh economic situations, policy makers and experts will hold a brainstorming meeting on Thursday to consider the Kingdom’s economic future, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Nasser Judeh said during a press conference on Monday.
During the meeting, participants will exchange ideas and views and discuss the impact of price hikes and the best means to address them,” Judeh said yesterday, noting that the session will be attended by former prime ministers, economists, MPs and Prime Minister Nader Dahabi.
In light of skyrocketing international oil prices, Judeh said the government is exploring several alternative energy resources such as shale oil and solar energy, stressing that political reasons will not prevent the government from declaring any oil discovery in the Kingdom if it should occur.
Responding to reporters’ questions, Judeh said that the monarch’s trip took place “as a personal initiative,” with no outside influence.
Judeh said that the joint communique issued on the visit demonstrated “Jordan’s support for Israel’s pullout from the Golan Heights,” which the Jewish state captured from Syria in the 1967 Six- Day War.
Judeh said the meetings with Hamas "were kept away from the limelight to reach positive results.
MENAFN - Jordan Times) AMMAN — The Cabinet will conclude its discussions on a plan to raise public servants' salaries, after endorsing public sector and civil service reform plans during its weekly meeting today, Government Spokesperson Nasser Judeh said on Monday.
Meanwhile, responding to a question on a survey of Iraqis in the Kingdom, Judeh said the government is about to reach an agreement with a specialised Norwegian institution to carry out the study.
Denying claims that Jordan imposes strict procedures to prevent Iraqis from entering the Kingdom, Judeh said the study should be completed "before jumping to conclusions.
Also on Monday, Judeh said Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh's telephone call with Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit on Thursday came in the context of informing Jordan on the latest developments in Palestine.
Judeh said earlier that a Hamas leader based in Damascus was the mastermind of a planned attack against Jordanian intelligence officers.
Government spokesman Nasser Judeh said the militants planned to attack a vital civilian facility in Amman but declined to further describe the target.
In later remarks carried by the official Petra news agency, Judeh said Jordan had asked the Iraqi government to take all necessary measures to secure the driver's release and find the people responsible.
Amman, Dec29 (Petra) - Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Nasser Judeh on Monday received on behalf of Prime Minster Nader Dahabi delegation representing participants in a massive demonstration protesting Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip.
During the meeting, Judeh said that Jordan's stance was clear and firm.
What characterizes Jordan is that we are united in our public and official stand in denouncing aggression on our brothers in Gaza," Judeh said during the meeting which was attended by State Minister for Prime Ministry Affairs Thuqan Hindawi.
Islamic Action Front Secretary General Zaki Bani Rsheid, who spoke on behalf of the delegation, said Jordan with this distinguished efforts drew a unique and civlized picture.
In response to question during his weekly meeting with media representatives, Judeh said Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Al Zahar expressed readiness to come to Amman to settle down the dispute between Jordan and Hamas, Judeh noted that we listened to his statements as well as to Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Hanyeh's yesterday, we affirmed on our stance that Jordanian government doesn't have the desire to escalate the issue, indicating that there is a problem and it needs a solution.
Responding to a question on Islamic Front Action's Secretary General's statements in which he accused the Jordanian government working pro-Fatah Movement to undermine Hamas led Palestinian government, Judeh said Jordan is accustomed to hearing such accusations that come from different sources, noting that the government and the security services were very clear and transparent in showcasing the plots, weapons and the involved people.
There have been suggestions that the quartet holds a meeting on the sidelines of the Forum for the Future meeting in view of the large number of participants," Judeh said during a weekly media briefing.
Judeh said Abdullah will articulate to Olmert Jordan's position that "Palestinians and Israelis must return to the negotiating table.
Judeh said the king will repeat that call during his meeting with Olmert.
Amman, Jan 4 (Petra)-- Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Nasser Judeh said the Israeli escalation that began last night in the Gaza Strip is dangerous, affirming that Jordan is exerting intensive efforts to stop the aggression which began eight days ago.
In response to a question on the call of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on holding an urgent meeting for the UN Security Council and what is required now to take advantage of the UN Security Council to stop the aggression, Judeh said there are ongoing contacts and Jordan called for holding a meeting for the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers.