Ambassador to the US Ra'ad Zeid al-Hussein Zeid of Jordan

Prince Zeid had been Jordan's ambassador to the United Nations from 2000 until 2007, and was previously Deputy Permanent Representative since 1996.
In the straw poll of Security Council members held on September 28, 2006, Prince Zeid received 3 countries' votes to encourage his candidacy, 6 to "discourage" while 6 expressed no opinion.
Prince Zeid was married on the 5 July 2000 at Amman to Sarah Butler, henceforth called Sarah Zeid, who was born in Houston, Harris County, Texas, on 1 August 1972.
governing body of the International Criminal Court.
They continued to live in London, where the family resided during the coup, as Zeid was the Iraqi ambassador there.
challenging issues in the 21st century.
body of the International Criminal Court.
Prince Zeid is the fifth declared candidate so far for the post.
Istrabadi, an Indiana Law alumnus, said, "Prince Zeid is one of the most respected and influential diplomats in the world today, and he will bring a unique perspective on a diversity of issues with which he has first-hand experience.
Prince Zeid is expected to touch on a number of topics, as well as take questions from the audience.
Prince Zeid has a wealth of international experience in politics, justice and peacekeeping.
In 2004 Prince Zeid was appointed as Advisor to the Secretary-General on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse after allegations of widespread abuse by UN.
Prince Zeid said the problems had occurred among the military and civilian personnel of a wide range of countries from all parts of the world and their representatives in New York had all too often maintained their silence because of their shame.
Prince Zeid said the world needs to help Iraq gain stability, by showing Iraqis that it is possible for different groups of people to co-exist peacefully.
They have four official languages," Zeid said of the Swiss.
Prince Zeid said several hundred thousand Iraqis have crossed the border into Jordan, and that housing the displaced Iraqis is "a service we do for our brothers and sisters.
Istrabadi said Prince Zeid is one of the most respected diplomats in the world today.
Born in Amman, Prince Zeid was educated at Johns Hopkins University and completed a Ph.
In September 2002 Prince Zeid was elected as the first President of the ICC’s governing body, a post he held for three years.
Following allegations of sexual abuse in UN peacekeeping operations in 2004, Prince Zeid was appointed Advisor to the Secretary-General on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.
Prince Zeid is currently the chair of the Consultative Committee for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and a member of the Advisory Committee to the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation.
Prince Zeid is currently Jordans ambassador to the United States.
Prince Zeid said that the process of reestablishing the central position of Islam to emphasize these values is already happening.
Prince Zeid is Jordan's Ambassador to the United States and non-resident Ambassador to Mexico.
In September 2002, Prince Zeid was elected the first president of the governing body of the International Criminal Court, at a time when the Court was only a plan on paper.