Minister of Agriculture Akylbek Kurishbayev of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Today" Akylbek Kurishbayev is appointed as agriculture minister, who worked previously as vice-minister of this minister, agency reports.
Disappointing harvests and unexpected geopolitical developments notwithstanding, Kazakhstan still believes the goal of becoming one of the world’s top five wheat exporters is within reach: Kurishbayev said in August that, with the large-scale introduction of state-of-the-art water-saving technologies, Kazakhstan stood a "realistic" chance of realizing its target in 2011.
Akylbek Kurishbayev said Kazakstans grain production this year was projected at 15.
During an inspection tour of the northern Akmola Region, a grain producing area, Agriculture Minister Akylbek Kurishbayev said April 12 that Kazakhstan seeks to boost production in the near future to 26 million tons, of which 12 million tons could be for export.
Akylbek Kurishbayev said at the Kazenergy Second Eurasian energy forum.
We can judge by) the growing domestic demand (in Kazakhstan) and huge export potential, free spaces for growing grain and oilplants, technical and human potential, Kurishbayev said at the Forum.
Agriculture Minister Akylbek Kurishbayev said production is down from 20,1 million tons last year to 15,1 million tons this year because of unusually dry summer and locust plague.
Akylbek Kurishbayev has noted that in order to raise agriculture to a new level priority crops should be sown, and they should produce mineral fertilizing, use modern water safe technologies and prepare highly qualified staff.
Kazakh Agriculture Minister Akylbek Kurishbayev met with Mr.
Last summer, Timur Kulibayev, Kazakhstan President Nazarbayevs son-in-law, was fired from his position atop Samruk, the fund that invests the countrys oil earnings.
Minister Akhylbek Kurishbayev has made it public today, Kazinform reports.
Dina Yermaganbetova/ “Kazakh Agriculture Ministry expects raise of prices on grain in autumn”, the Minister Akylbek Kurishbayev said at the Governmental session, Kazinform reports.
Minister of Agriculture Akhylbek Kurishbayev has made it public today at a scientific-practical conference dedicated to academician Alexander Barayev’s 100th anniversary, Kazinform correspondent reports.
Zauresh Balkenova/ “No speculative demand for Kazakhstan’s grain is expected to occur this year,” Agriculture Minister Akylbek Kurishbayev said at the Ministry’s board today.
Kazakhstan does not intend to place a ban on wheat exports during the 2008-2009 marketing year, Agriculture Minister Akylbek Kurishbayev said at a government meeting on September 19.