Chairman, National Security Committee (KNB) Amangeldy Shabdarbayev of Kazakhstan

200610:55 (GMT)The chairman of the Committee of State Security of Kazakhstan (KNB) Lieutenant-General Amangeldy Shabdarbayev has made an appearance on the occasion of an anniversary of the formation of the Kazakhstan secret services, online paper Polit.
Shabdarbayev has talked to the press about the focus of the KNB in the Aliyev case, which centered on undermining his financial resources inside Kazakhstan.
Shabdarbayev discussed prospects of joint work on blocking canals of drug trafficking and organized crime.
Shabdarbayev was head of Nazarbayev's personal guard.
Amangeldy Shabdarbayev said his agency is leading a rapidly intensifying fight against drug trafficking and also called for greater international cooperation in fighting this scourge threatening to undermine Kazakhstan’s growing prosperity and Central Asia’s stability.