Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Byrganym Aitimova of Kazakhstan

Aitimova said the government would cover 50 percent of the transport costs.
Today, Aitimova is dean of the diplomatic corps.
One day, when Aitimova was abroad, de Perio Santos tracked her down and said that the members of the corps had taken a vote and Aitimova was the choice.
It was an exciting challenge, but Aitimova had not yet received the green light from her foreign ministry, and was reluctant to take on the responsibility without an official go-ahead.
Aitimova is proud that although Kazakhstan is a Muslim country that maintains friendly relations with other Muslim countries, it has always been good to Jews.
Aitimova was fortunate in meeting early on with Israeli business tycoon Lev Leviev, himself a product of the Soviet Union and someone who understands the mentality of former Soviet states.
It was through Leviev and his family, who are affiliated with Chabad, that Aitimova was able to familiarize herself with Jewish tradition and practice.
But, long accustomed to placing duty ahead of personal concerns, Aitimova says she will remain dean of the diplomatic corps for as long as it is in Kazakhstan's interests.
In statements to the Egyptian television, aired on Tuesday7/11/2006, Aitimova said that Mubarak's visit would bear positive fruits on the political, economic, cultural and educational fields.
Aitimova has held various positions in the Kazakhstan Government.
Aitimova is married with two children.