Prime Minister Karim Masimov of Kazakhstan

Prime Minister Karim Masimov says relieving banks of bad loans will help them free up liquidity and inject it into the economy.
Masimov said Monday the government will buy up bad assets at a discount on their market value.
Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov met the First Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Rustam Azimov in Astana, Kazakhstan, on 29 October.
funds provided by the governments as part of anti-crisis program will go to Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Masimov said on Tuesday.
By Robert M Cutler Kazakhstan's Prime Minister Karim Masimov has announced major energy-related decisions in the wake of President Nursultan Nazarbaev's address to the nation last week.
ASTANA, Kazakhstan, Oct 20 (UPI) -- The Kazakh government said Monday it will inject billions from its oil coffers to keep the country afloat during the global economic crisis.
in Kazakhstan may fall in 2009 and 2010 after years of inflation, Prime Minister Karim Masimov said on Wednesday.
Speaking to reporters in the capital, Astana, Masimov said that, "According to the Kazakh President's orders and demands, Kazmunaigaz should be a co-operator.
Masimov said his country attached importance to oil and gas exploration and cooperation in non-resource economy with China.
Masimov said the Kazakh government attached great importance to bilateral relations and hoped to further promote mutually beneficial cooperation with China.
Masimov is on a four-day official visit to China as a guest of his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao.
Masimov met with representatives of mass media and answered the questions journalists were interested in.
At his confirmation hearing in parliament Masimov said "Continuity in the principles of government is one of the most important conditions of sustained economic and social development.
ASTANA (Reuters) -- Kazakhstan, a former Soviet state with good ties to Russia and Georgia, believes it can help resolve the future of the rebel regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Prime Minister Karim Masimov has told Reuters.
Masimov said Kazakhstan, located at a strategic crossroads of Asia and Europe, wanted to maintain its policy of staying friends with all major powers.
Masimov said the China-Kazakhstan relations have maintained a good development in recent years.
Masimov is paying an official visit to China at the invitation of Premier Wen Jiabao.
Karim Masimov is a former presidential adviser (file photo) (ITAR-TASS)January 10, 2007 (RFE/RL) -- Kazakhstan has a new prime minister as a joint session of parliament today overwhelmingly approved Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev's nomination of Karim Masimov, RFE/RL's Kazakh Service reported.
Masimov is fluent in Kazakh, Russian, Chinese, English,and Arabic.
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Speaking about Masimovs nomination, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said, Karim Masimov has a clear vision of the tasks facing the government.
Continuity in the principles of government is one of the most important conditions of sustained economic and social development," Masimov said in parliament.
I am sure that Karim Kajimkanovich Masimov has enough experience and knowledge and the new cabinet will present a programme that will strengthen and improve Kazakstans achievements, he said.
The Kazakh government is ready to step in, Kazakhstans Prime Minister Karim Masimov said this morning in a telephone interview with Bloomberg The Kazakh banking system with the support of the government and central bank will fulfill all obligations to international investors.
Masimov is accompanied by the Kazakh ministers of finance, energy and mineral resources, industry and trade, education and science, and transport and communications, as well as head of Kazakhstan's leading gas concern Kazmunaigaz.
Masimov said the sides had begun discussing documents on the construction of a Caspian gas pipeline.
For his part, Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Masimov said that the Kazakh side is satisfied with the way of development of trade and economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia.
04-09-08 Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Masimov met with Management Board Chairman and CEO of Gazprom Neft, JSC Alexander Dyukov.
Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Masimov is arriving in Tashkent on 26 July on a two-day official visit, a Regnum news agency correspondent has learnt at the Kazakh embassy.
I believe that stability of contracts is a necessary and inviolable element just like the right to private property," Karim Masimov said according to a report posted on his government's Web site.
Masimov said that the government also has a right to intervene if an investor sells its natural resources business, without specifying in what way the government could do that.
Masimov said he was hopeful that the ongoing dispute between Kazakhstan and the Kashagan consortium would be resolved soon.
Masimov said the cut in expenditures will not affect social welfare programs.
Masimov is credited with being one of the architects of Kazakhstan's strong economic performance since he became an adviser to President Nazarbaev in 2003, though analysts note that was about the same time that Kazakhstan's oil industry started to export large amounts of oil and prices rose on world markets.
These are huge funds that will allow US to make a huge breakthrough at this stage and level out the consequences of the crisis from the foreign market, Masimov said during the session.
Kazakhstan is threatening to seize oil fields and mineral deposits from private investors found in violation of contracts, Prime Minister Karim Masimov said at a government meeting Feb 7.
PM Masimov said that Kazakhstan was interested in participating in the project.
Candidature of Karim Masimov was proposed to the post of Kazakhstan’s prime minister.
As Kazakhstan Today news agency informs, since January 2006 Masimov was deputy prime minister.
Continuity in the principles of government is one of the most important conditions of sustained economic and social development," Masimov said at his confirmation hearing in Parliament.
I am sure Karim Masimov has sufficient knowledge and experience and that the new government will present a programme which will allow US to entrench and develop Kazakhstan's successes.