Ambassador to the US Yerlan Idrisov of Kazakhstan

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unfavourable economic conditions, in particular the tariff policy.
Idrisov met Gunnar Gunnarsson, Vice Foreign Minister of Iceland, and other representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland, responsible for political, commercial, and economic co-operation.
RFE/RL) KAZAKHSTAN PROPOSES BILATERAL CASPIAN AGREEMENT WITH AZERBAIJAN 7 May Kazakhstan's Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrisov has proposed to Prime Minister Qasymzhomart Toqaev that Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan should sign a bilateral agreement demarcating their respective sectors of the Caspian Sea bed and subsoil along a median line that may later be modified.
Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Grigoris Niotis and Kazakhstan's Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrisov met on Tuesday and discussed details on the establishment of a bilateral committee, which once created will prepare economic, trade and investment agreements, according to a press release issued by the Greek foreign ministry.
ready for the strongest possible cooperation with the US.
Idrisov said they discussed work on initiatives raised during the visit of US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in April, particularly the provision of 3.
Idrisov said that the results of analysis by specialists had shown that 'there was nothing serious in this cargo.
Idrisov said that he would meet with Russian ambassador to Kazakhstan Yuri Merzlyakov on Monday "to express our ideas about this to him.
issued by the Greek foreign ministry.