Minister of Justice Zagipa Baliyeva of Kazakhstan

Baliyeva said she was happy with the way the election had gone and added that only a handful of voting inconsistencies had been reported.
She did not comment on Nazarbayev's remarks but said that Minister Baliyeva was referring to radical organisations that want to register and become established in Kazakhstan.
Kazakh Minister of Justice Zagipa Baliyeva has introduced newly appointed Vice Ministers of Justice Sergey Magda and Serik Nurmanov, Kazakh press report.
Addressing the MPs, Zagipa Baliyeva said that 126 Population Service Centres will be opened in the city before the end of the year, adding that existing centres still have many difficulties.
Baliyeva was appointed to this post in January 1996.
of the committee for economic reform.
being exceptionally sociable, flexible and predictable.
Minister of Justice Zagipa Baliyeva is expected to report on a draft law On National registers of identification numbers.
KAZINFORM /Serik Kozhkenov/ - Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan Zagipa Baliyeva has submitted a draft Constitutional law On amendments to the Constitutional Law of Kazakhstan On elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan at the joint session of the Kazakh ParliamentÂ’s Houses today.
Baliyeva said that the statement that the CEC conducted its work in secret was incorrect and untrue.