Minister for Lands Aggrey James Orengo of Kenya

Though the boys in blue were there to be hardened to handle criminals, Orengo was at Kiganjo at a tender age for basic education and perhaps it is his early childhood education at the police academy that shaped him to what he is now.
Son of a former inspector of police, Orengo was born in February, 1950 to Mr and Mrs Apollo Stephen Orengo.
Mr Orengo says his major concern is provision of safe and clean water to the residents of Ugenya, adding that doing so would result in improved health for the people and a reduction of resources and time spent treating diseases.
There is no doubt that Orengo has the credibility to put into practice all that he talked about in that interview.
From The Nation (Kenya) - AAGM) Byline: George Kiaye and William Orende Social Democratic Party presidential candidate James Aggrey Orengo was yesterday cleared to contest the Ugenya parliamentary seat.
After presenting his papers, an upbeat Mr Orengo said his party had become a big force, and asked his supporters to vote for him and the SDP parliamentary and civic candidates.
Since president Daniel arap-Moi asked the police to ban its meetings in November 2000 the Muungano Wa Mageuzi (alliance for change) of member of parliament for Ford-Kenya (opposition) James Aggrey Orengo is considered the spearhead of the radical opposition in Kenya.
Lands Minister James Orengo expressed fears the country was sliding back to the dark days of the single party regime.
As a lawyer, Orengo is second to none in Kenya.